Cinéfranco 2021: timid return to theaters despite lifting restrictions

opening movie back home : Beyond a moonless night Premieres at Hot Docs Ted Rogers Theater October 26. documentary related and historical drama The club Finland It will also be shown to the public on November 1 and 2.

The majority of the features and short films presented online are accessible from its side throughout Canada, with the exception of four that can only be viewed in Ontario, identifies Cinéfranco.

Epidemiological Film Festival

Marcel Lynn, founder, general and artistic director of Cinéfranco, explains that she has limited the number of films shown in theaters, because she still fears the impact of the pandemic on personal participation.

« Our audience is mixed. “Old people” don’t want to go back to theaters because they feel weak, and the young ones are used to watching movies on their screens. »

Quote from Marcel Lin

Ms Lin adds that this decision is also driven by financial concerns, since it is much more expensive to organize a face-to-face festival than an online one.

In addition to the cost of the venue, there is the cost of the display, specify. Promoting a movie in theaters is very different from promoting a movie online.

And so Cinéfranco wrestles with big dilemmaAccording to Ms. Lynn.

« Can we afford the movies we want to show to the public in theaters… or should we bring those same movies online and show more? »

Quote from Marcel Lin

Ms Lynn explains that Cinéfranco is making several efforts to get movie-goers back into theaters this year, even if it means Persuading people almost individually.

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For example, it adds that it has sent out invitations to directors of films shown in theaters, as well as to film crews and their acquaintances.

Pandemic also obliges festival organizers to adapt their promotion strategies. The new health policies of cinemas did not allow them to distribute their own flyers to announce the return of cinemas in person.

« We had competitions to win places. »

Quote from Marcel Lin

Ms. Lin hopes to make a full return to the stage soon.

« Please come back to the cinema so we can continue to share our passion for movies! »

Quote from Marcel Lin

Cinefranco runs from October 26 to November 2, 2021 online and in Toronto.

The full program is available online at (A new window)

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