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The resignation of Frédéric Millon, director of the Paris Institute of Sciences

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He had roughly resigned on January 6, at the height of the Duhamel case, and wound up a month later: Shortly after 8 pm, on Tuesday 9 February, Frédéric Millon announced that he was leaving the Department of Science Po Paris. He previously informed the school’s board of directors as well as the board of directors of the National Foundation for Political Science (FNSP), which funds the foundation.

“Our house has gone through a very painful period since the revelation of the alleged criminal acts. The report indicates (…) For my part, the errors of the judgment in addressing the allegations I reported in 2018, as well as the inconsistencies in the way I expressed myself about the progress of this case after its outbreak. I am measuring the resulting disorder and I take full responsibility. “ Mr. Mayon explains in a press release.

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This resignation is the latest development in a scandal born in early January, when Camille Kouchner accused her stepfather, Constitutional Olivier Duhamel, President of FNSP, of incest. It is a blow to the French Power School, but also to the Council of State, whose Sciences Po has long been one of its strongholds.

Frederick Millon is a member of this great body that defends the citizens against the illegal decisions of the administration and speaks about the law of the state, just like his friend Mark Guillaume, the former Secretary-General of the government, who, too, finds himself weak. At the head of the Ile-de-France province.

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Departure of disaster

This catastrophic departure occurs afterwards Marian And the The bound duck It revealed, Tuesday, February 9th, that the governor of Ile-de-France has already been warned ‘Rumors of sexual problems’ Olivier Duhamel to Mr. Millon himself, from 2018. However, on January 6, he confirmed the latter to Globalism He never raised these accusations before the then compelling Secretary-General of the government in Matignon, a member of the FNSP Board of Directors. “I did not go to tell this story to Mark Guillaume, Mr. Myun told us afterward. why did you do that? The Secretary General of the Government is not responsible for preventing sexual crimes. “ A lie, then.

It is not the first. On January 6, Mr. Millon said for the first time that he was not aware of the incest charges against Olivier Duhamel. “I am in shock,” Reaction was to AFP the day after the publication the big family (Threshold, € 18, 208 pages). However, he had already been alerted by one of his teachers, Aurelie Felipetti. In fact, the former Socialist Minister of Culture said to Globalism That in the spring of 2018 she invited the director of Science Po for lunch. Then I gave him two important testimonies: the testimony of Veronique Kayla, then president of Arte, and Janine Moses Lavau, professor emeritus of Sciences Po, friend of Duhamel. “I can’t do anything. I’ll warn Mark Guillaume”, Mr. Myun reassured her.

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