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Marco D’Amico says a seven-year agreement worth $6.5 million a year makes sense

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Cole Caufield’s next contract file has sparked a lot of talk in the past hours. In fact, after Nick Suzuki has said in the past few days that he hopes to see Caufield sign a long-term agreement to stay in Montreal for many years.The idea of ​​seeing him sign as soon as this summer looks more likely today than it used to be.

Today, Marco D’Amico had an idea to look at some comparisons to try and determine what such a necklace might look like for Caufield. his conclusion? A seven-year contract in which he earns between $6 million and $6.5 million annually would be a logical deal.

The three comparisons D’Amico uses are the contracts of Nikolaj Ehlers (seven years, $6 million per year), Clayton Keeler (eight years, $7.15 million per year) and Jake Guenzel (five years, $6 million per year). . However, the amounts are not used for comparison, but the percentage of payroll they represent.

These three agreements are close to 8%, which represents $6.6 million today. With a nice round figure, it gives $6.5 million, hence the amount that D’Amico collected.

If I were Kent Hughes and Caufield was willing to sign such an agreement, I would seize the opportunity without hesitation. However, even if D’Amico’s workout was very good, I think Cauffield would ask for more money.

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What leads me to believe this is that Nick Suzuki signed an eight-year contract for $7.875 million a year last summer. I find it hard to believe that Coffield would agree to sign over a million dollars less than his good friend Suzuki. again i will be very Glad if that was the case, but I doubt it.

If Coffield signed a long-term agreement this summer (which I doubt, by the way: I think he’ll work next summer), I think it would earn him at least $7 million a year. Il n’est peut-être pas aussi prouvé que Suzuki dans la LNH (c’est l’une des raisons pour lesquelles je ne le vois pas signer cet été), mais il a quand même démontré assez de chose sal tels pourer demand , I believe.

I like the idea of ​​him signing for seven years (his contract with Suzuki will expire at the same time as well), and if he’s willing to sign a seven-year deal for $7 million a year, I think this will be looked at in Montreal. Otherwise, it doesn’t really matter: the file will be settled next summer, quite simply.

Je vous remets le texte de D’Amico ICI pour que vous puissiez lire son argumentaire (qui est très intéressant et dont la démarche se tient complètement) et je vous pose la question: quelle serait votre meilleure pour of fre con été été long term?

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Gary Bateman and Bill Daly talk to the media before the start of the Stanley Cup Finals. Here are excerpts from that press conference:

Next season will start on October 11, 2022 and the schedule will be revealed at the beginning of July.

– The next All-Star game will take place in Sunrise (and it will have a very nice logo, by the way).

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