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This disco ball mushroom is the perfect “funky” decoration to brighten up your apartment

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Even if you are not fond of eclectic decor, it is important to have some decorative elements that attract attention and add character to your home.

It is with this wonderful Mushroom disco ball From small California firm Sofiest Designs.

Available in four different sizes and handcrafted, this ornament will light up the room you’re in as soon as a reflection of light falls on the mirrored glass tiles.

Your accommodation will be flooded with atmosphere Fabulous in less than two. Every person who visits you will ask you about this unique piece.

If mushrooms don’t speak to you at all, know that Sofiest Designs, which describes Etsy store and its products as a “disco treat,” offers disco balls in other “funky” shapes: cherry, tumbler, margarita, watercress, UFO, watermelon, pineapple and ball floor.

You can choose colors for some items. for example, Mushrooms are served in rainbow colors To emphasize pride. Hurry, this is a limited edition that expires at the end of June.

Prices for “basic” disco ball mushrooms range from $53.39 to $240.26, depending on the desired look.

Sofiest Designs products can be purchased at the online Etsy craft store.

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We can easily imagine this mushroom disco ball in LĂ©onie Grau’s apartment or in Gabrielle Lisa Collard:

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