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Margo love | Margo’s songs are about love and freedom

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Margo lovethe program that Télé-Québec dedicated to rock music on March 8, celebrates a work that continues, 35 years after the publication of her first solo album, to act like the wind that can change everything.

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Dominic Late

Dominic Late

There is inevitably something fun about the contrast: Wearing leather pants (or something very similar) and a fur jacket (or something very similar), Marjo enters the old church (!) in the Estrie village of Saint-Adrien, now converted into a creative center by Pilou (Pierre-Philippe Côté) and his team.

“What did I come here to do?” asks the beautiful 68-year-old bohemian. Answer: What do you do best. “Music,” she chuckles during one interview segment interspersed with dozens of performances—some electrifying, some abstract—that make up this The special, which is not live on the occasion of International Women’s Day, is for nothing.

“I’m a singer and songwriter. I’ve always been, but I never insisted. Now it’s recognizable and I’m happy,” ex-Raven told the camera before a clip combining Stephanie Boulay, Le-Adrien Cassidy and Salome Leclerc, in a wonderful audio replay Much it’s a there will have children, A hymn to the courage one must have in the face of adversity.

During this hour of pure or mature rock, Margo takes us to where she smells of love, an exhilarating scent that ends up covering all the places — karaoke bars or old-fashioned places of worship — where her hits resonate. It’s a “truly lesson in human freedom, nature, music, and love,” Guilin Tangway notes about the immortal. wild catsbefore he sings the diversity of a gentle country with his idol.

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Rarely has something been so obvious as in these quiet versions that square off the singer-songwriter’s unfairly underestimated script: each of Margo’s songs speak of love and freedom in their own way. to The love that suffocates if it is not free, and the freedom that is never complete if love – the love of life, not necessarily romantic love – does not blow its light into it.


Margot, on stage in Quebec, September 2019.

All these women are in it

The Love: In a time of two songs, Margo reconnected for the first time in over 20 years with her ex-boyfriend and creative partner, Jean Miller, whose guitars have always been able to convey the gloom that inspirational lyrics try to banish. . This show is worth watching, just to see Margo get overcome with emotion during her performance flexible.

If spying on this brief moment of grace and intimacy is poignant, it’s generally because Margo has the ability to fade, and embody all women in some way, her repertoire remains strong. At the heart of her repertoire, Margo is the poet and model, the fashion designer and the villain, the fickle lover and the rejected lover, the one who doubts and the one who goes, the indomitable rudeness and the extremely sensitive. sumptuous version of if it is necessary, which she sings on the ragged screen of the church with violin and cello, brings her and us some tears. “Margo represents freedom, liberation, and strength of character,” summarizes Stephanie Boulay.

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“I will live my life as I have already dreamed,” Le Adrian Cassidy declared in choir with veteran of the Adores, a chorus of carpe diem that would easily read as a feminist poem. The two fiery women may be separated by about 45 years, but the 24-year-old singer knows well, like every fan of the provocative icon, that it’s never too early, nor too late, to embrace this wind. This makes you want to emphasize yourself: the wind that Margo blows wherever she goes.

Margo loveTélé-Québec, Tuesday at 8 p.m.

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