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Marilyn Poissonault: Hockey Player Training Trips

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The Acadian goalkeeper has been hired for a short period of two and a half weeks to participate in a training camp and pre-season tournament for the tournament. WHL (Women’s Hockey League) from Russia. The Chinese had teams registered in this competition, which was held in Sochi.

The KRS funky rays From Shenzhen they won all their matches and won the gold medal.

Ah yes, it felt so good, it was really fun! it’s hard to explain. At the end of the streak, Marilyn Buissonault seems very happy with the win, but also with her experience.

Apart from the Women’s Professional Hockey League (known for short PWHPA), the young woman has not played a meaningful match for over a year.

In Russia, she was able to play three.

Professional Hockey Professional Hockey, to remember. These are girls who dedicate themselves so much, it’s unbelievable!

She finds that this professional competition network does not exist in Canada, which saddens her. They have a well-developed league, and they are ahead of us.

There is the Women’s National Hockey League, which has just changed its name, in the United States. But this circle is contested by the elite players.

Hockey Without Borders

Marilyn Poissonault has worked with female hockey players who are members of Olympic teams from Switzerland, Russia and China, among others. The level of play has been raised.

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Furthermore, the Acadians have established bonds with other players. You will look at the games at the upcoming Olympics from a different perspective. will be special [de regarder cela]I will know players on almost every team.


It is often said that travel shapes youth. Marilyn Poissonault has traveled a lot since her beginnings in hockey to play the sport she loves, both in Canada and the United States.

This time it was very different. Cerberus defended a Chinese team cage at a tournament in Russia. Adapting wasn’t easy at first.

It was very difficult to communicate outside the hotel, says Boissonnault.

For example, English is not widely spoken there. We made an app on the phone, we typed the words in English and had a Russian translation that we made legible [à notre interlocuteur]. It was our only way to communicate. Yes, I’m sure all the translations weren’t enough!

Quote from:Marilyn Poissonault

On the other hand, in the entourage of the team, at the competition site and in the hotel, the organizers made a lot of effort to ensure the comfort of all foreign players.

Russians are very friendlyMarilyn Poissonault adds. They really want to help people. And they love hockey!


Now that her contract is up, the babysitter is back in Calgary where she lives and studies. Representing the city of Alberta in championships PWHPA.

We’ll see her in Truro, Nova Scotia, November 12-14.

focus on PWHPA currently. It’s hard to predict the future [pour le hockey professionnel féminin]But I did my best there, Emphasizes.

The team will face challenges in preparing it. The surge in COVID-19 cases in Alberta has led to the cancellation of training. It remains to be seen if we can get waivers for usMarilyn concludes.

This is another predicament, because during a tournament secret cupThe Calgary team had the same problems.

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