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Mark Demers will not run for a new term in Laval

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The interview took place at all morningMr. Demers, who spent thirty years as a police officer plus two terms as mayor, says he is calm and talks about a decision made jointly with his wife. Mainly for personal reasons.

The mayor also claims he left a team made up of Exceptional talents For the next generation.

I never abandon a boat without a rudder.

Mark Demers, Mayor of Laval

Mr. Demers never fails to place a positive assessment of his time at the helm of one of Quebec’s most important cities.

He said that the citizens are happy, referring to a poll in which he said, “80% of people believe that Laval is heading in the right direction.” And many of them would vote for him if he ran for another term.

He also mentions the press release published by his office That when he took power, the city was under the supervision of the Quebec government, Was involved in several corruption scandals involving the old administration.

In addition to fighting corruption, one of the things that makes me so proud is proving that it is possible to reconcile economic development with environmental protection. We have introduced Laval into the 21st century.

Mark Demers, Mayor of Laval

The mayor does not dwell on the tumultuous start of his tenure, with his defeated opponent Jack Faucher challenging the legality of his election. The latter accused him of not continuously residing in Laval 12 months before the 2013 elections, as stipulated in Article 61 of the Municipal Elections and Referendums Act.

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He prefers to return to the way he tried to recreate an atmosphere of trust between the city, employees and the citizens of Laval by recovering the wasted money.

So far, we have recovered over 50 million [de dollars].

Mark Demers, Mayor of Laval

The intimidation on social networks that would have discouraged some of the potential candidates and would have targeted him personally did not affect his choices, which is indicated by a personal and family decision. He said it was time for me to give my family more time.

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