Mark Giordano asked The Leafs to lower their offer

Yesterday, the Maple Leafs signed a two-year contract with Mark Giordano. The contract would earn him $800,000 per season.

According to the latest information, Toronto offered him $1 million a season, but it was the defender who declined and asked The Leafs to lower their offer.

There is no wonder why he was a captain in Calgary and why he is one of the most respected veterans across the NHL.

In 20 regular season games with The Leaves, he earned 12 points. In the seven playoff matches collect two. He wasn’t able to help his boyhood team make it to the second round of the playoffs, but he clearly believed in the group in place and probably accepted as little money as possible so as not to tie up his general manager, Kyle Dupas.

What a team player he is.

According to contract experts, Giordano could easily have signed for $3 million per season. The fact that he agreed to $800,000 proves that he does not play for money, but to win. And if he’s happy with that amount, leaves and cannons will come out on top.

This story reminds me of Nathan Mackinnon, who signed for $6.8 million when he could have easily signed for ten. Like geo, McKinnon is a captain and wants to win.

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Things are going badly for the North American teams.

Norlander will not play the second game.

– I imagine.

– A dinar is suspended.

Joe Thornton and Anton Lundell will be on the Panthers list tonight. [HF]

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