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Martin LeMay suggests Canadians won’t come to the arena tonight

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No, Canadian players will not have much time to rest between the first and second rounds. Nor to properly study their new opponent.

The Montreal had the Maple Leafs on Monday night, they arrived in Winnipeg overnight from Monday to Tuesday… and they will face the Jets for the first time tonight (Wednesday). I don’t remember seeing the NHL give the team so little time between the end of a series and the beginning of the next. Long live the Intensive COVID-19 calendar, outbreaks during the season, Canadian restrictions and an NHL desperate to finish the playoffs before the start of the Tokyo Olympics. Long live the TV contract too!

Remember that the Canadian started his series against leaves After the other seven series due to the regular schedule that has been extended for some Canadian teams…

that the series between leaves and the imprisonment Decided in seven parts…

And that the Canadian just played no fewer than seven matches in 12 days! The Jets have played only four since May 15.

The Canadian and the Jets will play seven matches in 12 days if their streak reaches its limit. will start to do Oh really So much hockey for Canadians that, you can be sure they are only entitled to 48 or 72 hours «Warehouses» Before his third round… against avalanche or golden knights. Mission: Impossible?

It looks like the CH and the NHL are just trying to catch up with the passage of time…it seems like they’re chasing the sand that’s falling into the hourglass.

That’s why Martin LeMay suggests that the Canadians stay at the hotel and withdraw this evening.

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Of course, the Canadian can’t do that. The NHL will not allow this. This would send a funny message to the fans… and it doesn’t happen!

But I understand Martin LeMay’s point: There are limits to making an already difficult task even more difficult for a hockey team. It does not make sense.

The good news is that its historically won in seven It seems to be more of a guarantee for the success of your next streak than to overwhelm your opponent. For 20 years, five times out of seven, the team that has won seven times has eliminated the team that just passed its NHL opponent. Start two without three Five without six, like?

In short, everything will be played on ice.

CH will try to win the fourth consecutive victory, who will try Numbers I say very hard to do…

The Jets will attempt to sign sixth in a row. be it, Possibilities You don’t like him.

The rest were said to have benefited from the Canadians before the opening of the first round, but CH won only one of their first four matches against the Canadian. leaves. He’s really starting to play as the important matches go on.

No, I don’t think Dominique Ducharme will leave anyone to him Normal Set aside to give the Romanovs, to Lacon, my players Black Aces Or even Allen, even if they have new legs. We saw what it was like in Vegas, with Lehner and Fleury. Unconsciously, the other players loosen up… and that can leave traces of the next match, making the warrior position you’ve settled into disappear.

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