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Martin St Clair’s first publicly-recorded album

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After two recordings of his new solo show, which was performed at the Place des Arts in Montreal in early fall, the artist also recorded a show he gave at Albert-Rousseau Hall.

The singer reconsidered her big hits there. To celebrate for the first time in starmania In the role of Crystal, Martine St. Clair chooses to interpret what she calls her lucky song, monopoly.

It was Martine Saint Clair at Albert Rousseau Hall in Quebec

Photo: Radio Canada/Victor Barry Dischison

Success love diedWhich she recorded in the early 1980s with Gilbert Pecaud, before singing it on tour with him, also reminds her of her early career.

I really wanted to search all my albums for the main songs, that’s for sure, but also the songs that I like, to emphasize the unforgettable songs translator of the 80’s and 90’s Tonight love is in your eyesAnd We will love each otherAnd wash wash, or Desire equals danger.

After all these years performing her famous songs, Martine St-Clair has approached each other differently, this time with the help of dozens of musicians.

There are many, but I will tell you right away, love is in the air. I no longer sing it like this 25-year-old girl who dreamed of meeting true love. Today, love is still love with humanity, with a look at what we do with our lives. Is there mutual help, sympathy? What are we looking for in this love that we have?

In an interview, Martine Saint Clair spoke about love as a central theme. This is the topic. Even today more with what we witness and what we have lived, in recent years, we are still witnessing all over the world. What do we do if there is no love? What do we do if there is no mutual assistance? I am an ambassador for the Tagammu PartyAnd We help families in need with a great staff. And this year, the need is even more urgent. It’s an emergency, it’s 300% more than families need.

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As she passes through the show, Martine Saint Clair performs songs from other artists she likes, such as photography I call you on the phone or I call youFrom the movie Baghdad Cafe or As we were before, the title track from the Sydney Pollack movie starring the great Barbra Streisand.

After a break imposed by the pandemic, Martin St. Clair finds her audience happily with this new show titled Homecoming.

To dedicate all this work is to have in front of you the audience with whom you share all this, and who one day says to you: “I like that song, I know it by heart.” And besides, I wouldn’t even need to sing during the show, people know all the songs. It really is exceptional!

2022 promises to be rich for the singer who is also preparing a new album of original songs. These new titles will be inspired by some of the paintings I’ve done in recent years. Lucien Francoeur signs the script for the first excerpt from this other album to be released. This song, which combines Martin Saint Clair’s passion for music and visual arts, is called simply and sweetly, Tot’aime.

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