Martin St. Louis’ hands are less tied than Claude Julien and Dominique Ducharme’s

Since the arrival of Martin St-Louis, we have been feeling a breath of fresh air inside the club. The Canadian doesn’t win regularly, but he doesn’t lose 8-2 either… Anyway, that’s what we want now: to lose organizing time with one or two goals. # Shinwright.

Since his arrival, the former Tampa Bay Lightning star has transplanted a pattern The concept of the game Moreover, this concept is very much respected by the players and they understand it very well. Where do good results come from?

Unlike the new interim coach of La Flanelle, the two former pilots, Claude Julien and Dominique Ducharme, were unable to determine their approach.

In fact, In his text in the Montreal newspaperJose Tudor confirms that Michel Terrain was the last coach to make his mark on the team. When Julian was hired, the chemistry between Mark Bergiveen wasn’t at its strongest. Same with the chemistry between MB and Ducharme.

Now with a file Gang In top management, everything changed. St-Louis, Gorton, Hughes and Lecavalier all seem to have the same vision, making it easy for the rookie coach to add his year. It must also be said that St. Louis is not a defensive coach like Julien and Ducharme.

I don’t know about you, but the latest stories about Bergvin make me realize how not a good guy he was. I/I was one of his biggest fans when he was at the helm of the team for these many (good) deals, but relationally speaking, he didn’t look like an angel, let’s say. He didn’t even know the first name of his aspiring…

a lot of

The young CH’s defense is impressive.

– Roman Josie for Hart?

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– He’s not the only person.

Canadians are back at work.

– With a reason.

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