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Mary May will be hosting a wheelchair this evening!

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*** 7:10 pm: Mary-May Finally seated in a chair at the show!***

Mary May Had a ski accident on Last weekend she injured her leg.

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While we were wondering if it was Lovely host from Celebrity big brother You will move this evening on crutches or in a wheelchair, everything seems to be confirmed today with the latest releases of the star.

«Sunday, during a family ski day, Mary May was injured. She is fine and she does not have anything serious, and in a few days you will know the exact diagnosis and treatments that need to be made. For now, she has to run some tests, wait for results, and sit still. He suffered a tear in the ligament behind the knee, and his performances and recordings Celebrity big brother They are kept in suitable conditions», I informed the team Mary May last week.

Today the singer-songwriter confirms that “show must go on”, While giving us a date tonight for the eleventh elimination of the season. by the way, Mary May Reveals the look you’ll wear on the set Celebrity big brotherYes, even in a wheelchair, Mary May It has a style!

«For my part, I’ll be hosting the night in a slightly different way; I’m going to make it easier to sit this week, because I hurt myself. I’m waiting for a diagnosis … just because I’m sitting doesn’t mean it’s going to be boring! I’ll make up, I’m going to be doing a lot of arm nods this week. Do not miss it!», Reveal in a video.

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This Sunday, at 1 a.m., in Nuovo and Noovo.ca, they Richardson Zephyr And the Francois Lambert Who are in the building.

Who do you think will go?

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