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The Granada Theater plans a full and varied summer program

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Animation centre-ville, the company that runs the theater productions, took advantage of the evening to present Sherblues & Folk and National Day on June 24.

Planning for all of these shows has been a sprint after the dismantling announcements in mid-May, says proudly Susan Marie Landry, General and Artistic Director of the Animation Center and Granada Theater.

People need to go out, we have a lot of indoor shows, and we need to be entertained and encouraged.

Quote from:Susan Marie Landry, General and Artistic Director of the Animation Center and Granada Theater

Currently, she adds, Sherbrooke is one of the cities in Quebec that plans to welcome the most artists this summer.

Fever despite health rules

In addition to limiting the number of people in a room to 250, sanitary rules require spectators to wear a mask for circulation. However, they can remove it once they are seated.

Despite this, excitement was felt among the performers in attendance on Thursday to unveil the program. Here I am, I just want to make an offer. Whether there are 10 or there are 250 [spectateurs]As long as I’m making an offer, that’s all I careSinger Lulu Hughes, who will be attending on July 9, cheers.

Hybrid June 24

The Granada Theater does not plan any outdoor activities for Saint Jean Baptiste Day. However, an indoor show will star in Marc Déry, the Musique à bouches quintet and the Les Colocs collection. As stipulated by health regulations, 250 spectators will be able to attend this show. The Granada Theater says these tickets will be the subject of a competition.

The show will also be shared online for everyone to see. This broadcast will be free.

Sherblues & Folk at Sherbrooke School

The Sherblues & Folk, which runs July 7-11, will contain an external component. somewhat important On the soccer field at Séminaire de Sherbrooke, she points to Susan Marie Landry.

Adirondack chairs will be installed on site for the convenience of spectators. They will be able to watch Downchild Blues Band, Canadian Blues Legends Ms. Landry confirms.

“This summer, it’s good indoors”

In addition to the National Day performances and Sherblues, the Granada Theater plans to host about twenty other artists under the banner This summer is good indoors . Spectators will be able to see Daniel Boucher, Noir Silence, Fred Fortin, Tyre Le Coyote, Louis-Jean Cormier, Foki Correas among others.

The stage also gives prominence to female artists, including Linda Lemay, Marie-Pierre Arthur, Chloe Belgag and Coeur de Berat.

To allow residents to travel despite the pandemic, the theater will also launch conferences this fall. Desty Docs, where experienced travelers will offer the destinations of their dreams.

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