Mary Simon becomes the 30th Governor-General of Canada

Originally an Enoch of Kanjikswalogjuak, in Nunavik, whose Inuit name was Ningyokudluk, he became the first indigenous person to hold this position as a representative of the British monarchy in the 154 years of history.

Ms. Simon is well known for representing the Inuit to the Government of Canada and the United Nations. She also served as Canada’s Ambassador for Polar Affairs and the country’s ambassador to Denmark.

She has also held leadership positions at Makivik, the Inuit Council on the Arctic, the Arctic Foundation for Children and Youth, and the National Inuit Education Committee.

It also served to implement Canada’s First Land Claims Policy in James Bay and Northern Quebec.

Justin Tordeaux said his appointment has already been approved by Queen Elizabeth II, Canada’s head of state.

Mrs. Simon has spent her life working for those around herThe Prime Minister commented who announced the appointment of the Canadian Museum of History.

Throughout her career, whether in protecting the Arctic, as an advocate for Inuit rights and culture, or as a radio host with CBC, Ms. Simon has shown dedicated service. I know Ms. Simon will realize her vision of a stronger Canada for all when she takes up this high position.

Quote from:Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Mrs. Simone speaks Inktote and English, but not French, which is one of the country’s two official languages. At a press conference, I just read a few words in French.

She explained that she attended a federal school in northern Quebec, and did not have the opportunity to learn Molière’s language, but she committed definitely To do this and work in the two official languages ​​of Rideau Hall.

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Renovation work in Rideau Hall

He succeeds Ms Simone Jolie Payet, who resigned more than five months ago after a scathing outside review revealed a business climate. toxic And the Poisoning In Rideau Hall.

Episodes dealt with yelling, yelling, aggressive driving, degrading comments, and public humiliation.

National Capital Commission (CCN) has already indicated that she is preparing Rideau Hall for the arrival of the new Governor General by cleaning, painting and changing the furniture.

This work cost more than $40,000.

When Julie Payette occupied the building, more than $250,000 was spent on major renovations at Rideau Hall.

The Chief Justice of Canada, Richard Wagner, has served as interim governor general since January 21.

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