Masters Championship | Successful start for Tiger Woods

Expectations were mixed for Tiger Woods’ return to the Masters on Thursday. On the one hand, everyone wanted to see a great performance by Tiger. On the other hand, we thought with what he went through, it was only natural that Woods would struggle.

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Nicholas Richard

Nicholas Richard

Finally, this first round will be crowned with success for the five-time champion. It was clearly not perfect, but few would complain about it.

The reception the Americans received was unparalleled. Hundreds of people gathered around the first hole when it set off just after 11 a.m., after being delayed by a morning thunderstorm.

Woods started his day well with five straight seasons. He missed two birds for inaccuracy and adaptation. Especially on the fifth hole where he made a very exceptional second shot. A flying kick circled the cup without falling into the hole.

But the tour was still young at the time.

It was in the sixth hole that he made his first bird. At this level 3 from 186 yards, he was able to put his tee just a meter away from the flag. The crowd exploded. For the first time today, Woods went below par.

At eight, he made “two stupid mistakes,” he said after his tour. It’s a question in particular about his approach shot, the third from the hole, which didn’t hit the green at this 5th rate.

It happened several times. Oftentimes he lacks irons, probably because he can’t generate the power he wants. At eight he scored his first bogeyman.

Photo by Brian Snider, Reuters

Tiger Woods is sixteen years oldAnd the Gap

Woods finished the lead nine tied with a par.

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At the beginning of the second nine, which was less physically demanding than the first, the tiger looked like a lion. Three pars and a bird on the first four holes. Tee shot at 13And the He helped him, as he did his first kick, to the eagle, which had lost a short distance. Woods was again below par.

At the exit of the corner of Amen at 14 o’clockAnd theSend the fire tee all the way to the left of the lane. He would have made this mistake four times during the day. He still got out of the mess well with an excellent second shot, between the trees, but he couldn’t avoid the ghost.

He’s in the legendary 16And the The hole Woods will make is his last trick. After his tee shot put his ball to the right of the green, he made a very long shot. With fists in the air, the crowd shrieked, Woods was good and real!

He finished his tour with two jockeys. So he handed out a card of 71 (-1) at the end of that much-anticipated first day, during which he didn’t disappoint.

“I felt good”

In an interview after his first run, Woods was generally very happy with his game and his day, even if it started poorly. He admitted that he trained poorly before starting, but the adrenaline quickly made him forget about the bad warm-up period.

Basically, Woods wanted to feel good on day one, and despite the result, he thinks it worked: “I felt good. The idea was to push the machine with care, and that’s the hardest. When the adrenaline started coming up, I focused, I walked into my world, And I did what I had to do.”

When the interviewer asked him how to prepare for Friday’s round, Woods gave a very simple answer: “Put lots of ice!” »

been seen

Sungjae Im leading after the first round. The South Korean made a 67 card, five hits below par. The 24-year-old golfer had five birds and an eagle.

Photo by Mike Blake, Reuters

Sungjae im

Australian Cameron Smith followed closely behind, with one shot behind him. Players Championship Champion a few weeks ago, Smith got off to a poor start with a double bogey on the first hole. Then he made an eight on 16 holes, before ending up with another double bob.

Dustin Johnson completed the top three. The Fall 2020 edition champion is -3 after the first round.

Interestingly, when Johnson won the green jacket, Em ended a tie with Smith for the second time. Same day, but out of order.

This time, Johnson is third, tied with three other players: 2016 champion Danny Willett, Joaquin Neiman and world number one Scotty Scheffler.

The highest Canadian score came from Corey Connors, who scored -2 ​​to finish seventh.

Tiger Woods, which is scheduled to start at 1:41 p.m. This Friday, at 10And the position, in – 1.

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