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Matteo Darci will have an interview with the ducks

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At the heart of the race for the new general manager, the Canadian could steal a candidate. Matteo Darci, whose name has been mentioned since the start of the operation, is scheduled to meet the Anaheim Ducks this week.

Eric Engels, who posted this information at the end of the afternoon, confirmed that Darchy is considering taking on the GM of the Ducks position, which has since been left vacant. Bob Murray passed away in November.

This morning we learned that a successor to Mark Bergivian could be revealed on Monday. In chronological order, one can ask questions about Darshi’s real chances of getting the job. If the Canadian general manager is revealed on Monday, and the former Habs plans to meet another club after that date, he may not be at the top of the list.

Obviously we are talking by default. But the fact remains that by putting these two pieces of information side by side, we realize that the possibility that Darchy will be the one to support Jeff Gorton is slim.

Remember that ducks should probably be Retention of the services of Martin Madden Jr., another candidate was (but is no longer) in the running for Canadians.

If Madden Jr. is upgraded. To the general manager’s seat, Mathieu Darche loses interest in the California franchise. But on the contrary, Darchy can fill the big job while Madden Jr keeps his duties. This is something team owners should think about.

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In Montreal, the first round of interviews concluded on Friday. At this time, there are three finalists: Darchy, Daniel Brier and one whose identity has not been confirmed. The name Kent Hughes has been mentioned many times.

If Mathieu Darche, who currently assists Julien BriseBois with Lightning, discusses with the Ducks and agrees to become their general manager, that prompts CH to make a restrictive decision. why? He will have only two options instead of three.

He probably wouldn’t have been chosen anyway. If that’s the case – and this has been clearly mentioned by Canadians, so much the better. The problem is that there is no real way to know. When making a decision, one less option can obviously change the situation.

Therefore, if CH absolutely wants Mathieu Darche to be the next General Manager, he must do so quickly. Otherwise, he can leave to warm up in the California sun.

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