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Persona 4 could finally be released in 2022 on the Nintendo Switch – Rumor

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While the license Person a party this year His twenty-fifth birthday, could that be Person 4 finally landed Nintendo Switch. Anyway, that’s what I think l’insider hate nite Who expects in son podcast Getting out of Persona 4: Gold wall switch By the end of 2022. to get information, Persona 4: Gold is a copy Improvement from ps2 hit from 2009 (Then expanded in 2013 on PsVita) Released in 2020 on PC. Moreover, at that time, another Well-known insidersAnd Zippo, also announced by his blog, Getting out of Persona 4: Gold employment Nintendo Switch in a 2022. If, at this point, it’s clear that it’s still just a rumor, here’s what it states hate nite in a son podcast(depending on the site Nintendo Live Who posted it):

I think there’s a reasonable chance that Persona 4 Golden will find its way to the switch in 2022. I think there’s a good chance of that… as we know, in the first half of this year we’ll have Persona 4 Arena UltramaxAnd [et] I think before the anniversary ends, Persona 4 Golden will be announced on the Switch and PlayStation… I think Persona 4 will finally come to the Switch in 2022.

To remember, in the past, hate nite Has already hit the mark, especially with regard to New Nintendo Switch Online Subscription with N64 Arrival. However, we will be patiently waiting for an official (default) announcement. In the meantime, one thing is for sure: Persona 4 Arena Ultramax It will be available at Nintendo Switch From March 17, 2022. This is not the case, or rather it is no longer so rumor.

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