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Maureen Marybear’s return has been confirmed

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Tony Vaughn
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Marieper Maureen’s comeback is underway. Host takes control of but why ?, His documentary series in Z.

The information was reported to 98.5 FM Montreal, in broadcast Quebec nowWritten by Patrick Lagasse. In a message sent to magazineZ owner, Bill Media, confirms production of a new season of but why ?With Maribier Maureen. However, no date has been set for the entry on air. There are no additional comments.

The news comes eight months after a host scandal broke out. On charges of sexual harassment and physical assault by Safia Nolin, she stopped all her professional activities.

However, the machine took off again in January, when the action thriller was filmed Error Resumed. And since Monday, I delivered Arlit!, By Marilou Wolf, a movie in which she stars.

The hostess has only been on a public tour since last July: A word on Instagram, in which she said she gained “awareness” with the help of professionals.


The next few months will tell us how the Quebec audience will welcome this comeback, but according to Caroline Lacroix, professor of marketing at UQAM’s School of Management, the actress has to show a lot of humility. “This is the message you have to send or let it shine through. People will watch his stance. If I were in his place, I wouldn’t go and associate with many brands right away. I wouldn’t go to the galas either.”

Caroline Lacroix was surprised to see such a remarkable comeback, with three major projects in a row. “I was expecting something more advanced. But a lot of people support her. You must realize how fortunate she is to be able to get back on top.”

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