Medal for tasting Lorient Genest

My mom said to me, “I’ll remind you that you’re an Olympic bronze medalist every day until you realize it.”, attached to the bronze medal in Tokyo with a laugh.

Next to her, Kathleen Frischette smiles as she listens to her daughter. Lorient doesn’t call it sacrifices. For her, it was only natural that she had lived the last four years that she had lived, but I find that she must realize that she gave something extraordinary.

Lauriane Genest had practically no reaction across the finish line in third place in the final of the keirin event in Tokyo. (Archives)

Photo: Getty Images/Justin Setterfield

It must be said that everything was very fast for a cyclist for a week. The day after the podium, she began three more days of competition that ended with an eighth in the sprint and a gold medal for her teammate and friend. Kelsey Mitchell.

I was like, “Oh, my God, it’s already over.” I was a little sad and at the same time I was really happy because Kelsey just won the gold, explains the 23-year-old Quebec.

Cycling Peak

Brilliant performances by Jenst and Mitchell, who have grown together on the Canadian program in recent years, unexpectedly brought their discipline to the fore during the Tokyo Games.

Lorient Genest hopes track cycling will attract fans across the country. I’ve already received messages from people who have stumbled. The people who said they knew nothing about it, but now they will follow, explains the athlete who grew up in Saint Damien de Buckland.

However, her biggest fans were the ones Lorient was especially excited to see when she left Tokyo: her parents François and Lorient and her brother Nathan. After being delayed for several hours, the return flight finally landed at Quebec City airport at midnight from Monday to Tuesday. Family and friends were there to welcome him in style.

Sitting on the plane, I knew there were people waiting for me and I was touched thinking about it. When I saw everyone there I shed a small tear, says someone who hasn’t been home for about six months.

Focus on the worlds

However, his vacation will be short-lived. Lauriane Genest and her teammates will resume intensive training in two weeks for the worlds that will take place in two months.

Worlds where the former figure skater will arrive with confidence, strong from her performance in Tokyo. I am a world elite, but then, I know nothing is taken for granted and I must keep working.

Olympic medalist Just five years after starting track cycling, Lorient Genest doesn’t want to stop there. No doubt going in circles.

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