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Melanie Maynard Unveils Her Lover’s Face For The First Time And We Love Him!

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IIIiiiiiiiiiiiii… since the time we hear about the famous lover Melanie MaynardWe overlook his sweet face finally finding out!

Presented this morning on the filming location of the movie Two girls in the morningAnd the Melanie It captivated for one of the rare times its beauty The Spanish, who has been enjoying quite happily with her for eight years already.

Instagram of Melanie Maynard

The hostess was so conservative about her love that she had always wanted to keep her lover’s identity (especially the pretty face) a secret in order to keep them private! now now Melanie Maynard He broke his judgment for the first time and officially introduced us to the one who had made his heart beat for many years already … clearly the main party knew and of course gave his approval for what we are. ”Show his face” in the TV!

Two girls in the morning

In an interview, Melanie She opened up about her relationship with DiegoHe is 13 years younger than her. She also trusts in the beginning, She was judging her relationship!

«The age difference bothered me deeply inside of me. I had the impression that it was forbidden, and that it was a mistake. It should also be said that I just married my partner for 13 years. We got the call too late, the rest of us. This had just happened, and I met this guy and it was … me, I always say there was a bug that entered my life, which happened which he told me:Hey, you are not going to go there right away. This is where you are going!So the age difference bothered me to the highest point. Look, early in our relationship, I was spending my time taking pictures of ourselves, and I was looking at pictures to see what other people were seeing, and seeing if other people saw how good it is … I wanted to see What if she looks that much [notre différence d’âge]. Ah, when the gray hair started reassuring me an example! Gosh. But, I felt like I was breaking the law and felt like … it was the social image I was shattering. In my life, I’ve always been with older partners. To meet a man of that age who had this effect on me, it feels as if to me, the feelings that I felt for this man were forbidden and forbidden. Firstly, when I met him, I was trying to introduce him to friends. I thought someone couldn’t be letting this guy pass by! Let’s see, jump on it! In short, I have fallen on my own judgment!»

«I feel like I was running out of role models. I knew I was going to be kind of an icon … myself, I called myself a cougar, I made all the jokes that could be around. I also heard on movie sets that I went to get a Game boy. Additionally, he is an immigrant. He’s a guy who came from Madrid, so we didn’t speak the same language. There was just something really … we really fell in love with metaphors, because we were talking English Gossip.! »

«It would have been terrible [de passer à côté de quelque chose comme notre relation]. Since he doesn’t come from Quebec, my sweet love, he had no idea which host I was, nor did he have Mother does not know [que j’étais] no more. I get the impression that he looked at me, that he looked at the woman who hadn’t been there in years. […] I’ve always said that, even if he left me one day, he’d turn up a lot!»

Last January, the friendly host started the public outdoors With her partner, they reveal an amazing shot of her and him!

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