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The Roots collegiate Philadelphia received the mandate, Saturday evening, to close 10 days of 42e Generous jazz in the sunlight and warm music. Jawad’s hip-hop reunion after more than a decade has given glory to the big names in funk, rap, disco, soul and R&B in a relentless orchestral fire.

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Charles Eric Bliss Pauline

Charles Eric Bliss Pauline

Those who have been at the Place des Festivals for a long time will remember it. They couldn’t breathe for a nanosecond, and were carried away for about two hours by the swift drag of Tarek Trotter (Black Thought) and his expert team.

About two-thirds of the pieces played on the big stage were disjointed, mixed, and paraphrased borrowings in hip-hop orchestral style. The singer, who was dressed in a white tracksuit and wore a beige fedora, quickly captured the monster crowd as he tossed about I got busy (2008) So cool jungle dance Kool & the Gang signed. “Go down, get down / Get down, get down.”

Photo by Sarah Mungo Burkett, Press

Saxophonist Ian Hendrickson Smith and puppeteer Dave Guy

The brass section, the main guarantee of jazz at The Roots, soon provided the first thrill, and it didn’t stop.

It was especially necessary to see athlete Tuba Gooding Jr. jump his sosophone, by definition oversized, and to hear Def Jay shriek in his triumphant horn.

Add saxophone, transverse flute (Ian Hendrickson Smith), keys, guitar (Captain Kirk Douglas) and bass (Mark Kelly), and everything is in place for an unparalleled sonic dump in contemporary hip-hop.

amnesia ? Among keyboardists Kemal Gray and James Bowser, drummer Alfred Koestloff—and co-founder of The Roots—set the beat on an elevated platform. Jarrahi, omniscient, metronome: he was his throne.

lose the thread

Sometimes, The Roots website calls You are the only one for me by funk duo D. Train. Another moment, he calls Sol MakusaCameronian saxophonist Manu Dibango’s slogan phrase borrowed – looted? Michael Jackson, then Rihanna. will be immediately think twiceby Erica Badu and Looking at the front doorfrom the main source, which would have the right to a very “radical” merger.

Halfway, the series of songs What are they doingAnd the NextMovement And the Act too (love of my life)the last two are taken from the legendary Things fall apart (1999), was able to satiate fans with the original content of Philadelphia Training.

For a long time, the order of songs no longer mattered; It’ll be a rolling fire of emotional winks, jazz jams, cuts and re-cuts, all welded together by the assured, fast flow of black thought and body spirit of the musicians, who risked here and there the light of choreography in the foreground.

Photo by Sarah Mungo Burkett, Press

The crowd was full on the evening of the last day of the festival.

Based on her experience in house band (House Band) At Jimmy Fallon, the band formed in 1987 knows how to bounce back. it is good Go up this hill (a deal with God) Guitarist Kirk Douglas sang on his confusing rock clip dedicated to him.

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What an evening it was! A perfect ending point for a festival that has come back to life after two years of delay! Presented as a gift to festival-goers, The Roots’ presence in Montreal, the only Canadian stop at the heart of their American summer tour, is faster than ever to drift, run and warm up, by the sun as well as by the music.

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