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Rangers: Alexis Lavrinier has a very tough start

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Rookie keeper Alexis Lavriniere’s debut in the National League was somewhat agonizing, and the New York media quickly noticed.

Monday’s game against New York Islanders was tough again for David Quinn’s men. After their 2–0 defeat at Madison Square Garden, they found themselves last in the Eastern Division with a 4-5-2 score. Lavrentier, for his part, is fighting to find the back net, having scored once in 11 games so far this season.

Moreover, Tuesday morning, the daily site New York Post It broadcast a column written by famous journalist Larry Brooks in which the author recalls that Quebec was only entitled to two game sequences totaling 1 minute and 24 seconds in the last 12 minutes of the match. After publishing the difference -4 this year, Lafrenière also saw its use drastically reduced towards the end of the previous two clashes.

“He did not have the disk or not very close to it. Instead, he found himself stuck in traffic, unable to stand,” the journalist said, explaining the 19-year-old’s troubles.

On the other hand, Brooks recalls that the ex-star of Rimouski Oceanic, at QMJHL, spent the last two matches in a trilogy that Brett Houdin co-starred, who is not recognized due to his attacking talents.

Not the first

Also, Lafrenière is not the first hockey player selected in the first row who had problems in his first steps on the ring. The case of Joe Thornton (Boston Bruins, 1997) is well known. He concluded his first campaign with seven points in 55 matches.

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In the first 10 matches of their careers, some withdrew. Alongside Thornton, completely bleached, was Vincent Lucavalier (Tampa Bay Lightning, 1998), limited by one point. He finished the season with 28 points in 82 matches. With Quebec Nordic in 1990, Owen Nolan particularly struggled by just two points in his first ten, en route to producing 13 points in 59 matches.

However, all of those players who learned the hard way made a strong comeback in the league’s long distances.

Julian Gauthier suggests to Alexis Lafrenière not to watch the media

Alexis Lafrenière should not worry about being criticized and should only focus on his game in order for him to succeed in the National Hockey League (NHL).

This is what his colleague Julian Gaultier said on Tuesday, during his interview with Jean-Charles Lagoi on TVA Sports.

“Alexis is a good young player. Like everyone else, he has to keep learning. He has made good progress and things are going well. He shouldn’t watch what the media say. He has to keep working hard and he’s going to have a great career.”

Collectively, things seem to want to return to the Rangers after a tough start to the season. Former Forurs believe, however, that the best is yet to come.

“It was a tough start, but all teams are going through sequences like this. It is better to adapt to the start of the season and finish strongly. Now we are able to do things that were missing at the start of the season. We’re heading in the right direction.”

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On a personal level, Gauthier is still trying to find his place among the Rangers. He believes that the adjustments made to his playing style will be beneficial in the future.

“It’s not clear in some way, because it’s a new role. But you have to get used to it and add aspects to your game. My only goal at the moment is to gain the trust of my coach to have more ice time. I’m still a young player and in the end everything will be fine.” .

Regarding the distraction of Tony Di Angelo, Kipcare didn’t want to comment too much on the question.

“It’s not the players’ decision. I have treated well with Tony. I wish him good luck for the rest of his career. These things happen, we are all human. “

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