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Memphré Medical Clinic will close its doors in 2022

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Dr. Audrey Pierrat, who has a clinic there, admits that everyone who works in the GMF group is upset with the situation. However, she emphasizes that the number of physicians can no longer meet the needs and provide adequate services to the sick population.

We had four retreats in one year. Two doctors left in January 2021 and two more doctors will leave in 2022. Another doctor has redirected himself. We lack weapons! She explained.

When the clinic opened in 2017, 12 doctors were working there. Since then, the clinic decreasesShe regrets. In 2022, we will have six doctors, two of whom are on sick leave and one on maternity leave.

In the winter of 2022, we will be three doctors to one doctor GMF Level III, which houses about 12,000 patients.

Quote from:Dre Audrey Pierrat, MD, Mumphrey Medical Clinic

The doctor acknowledges that some patients in GMF On the list of orphaned patients. In March 2022 we have probably 3,000 patients who will have to go back to the check-in counter list without a family doctor, with all our ruins. We would all like to follow up on these patients. It annoys me so muchShe regrets.

It says all affected patients have been notified by mail if they should be included on the list. She insisted on the necessity of conducting this registration, especially for patients with special cases. There is a full counter center with trained nurses in Magog to meet the medical needs of people with chronic illnesses. There are diseases and follow-ups that can continue.

As for patients who did not receive a letter, they will still be able to benefit from the services of a family doctor. We just need to give us time to move on! Everyone will do it in Memphrymagog, confirms Dr. Pirate.

I still want to reassure residents: We are already in talks to come up with innovative ideas, to find ways in which people can access medical services to meet their needs.

Quote from:Dre Audrey Pierrat, MD, Mumphrey Medical Clinic

Battle is coming

For the Mayor of Magog, Vicki May Hamm, this shutdown will come about emergency icebergPeople no longer know where to go. In addition, this situation will only increase the number of people on the waiting list for family doctors, Because all these people will be orphans.

But the mayor says it is already mobilizing. We will do everything we can, but we will not succeed alone. That’s why, with the hospital foundation, we’re setting up a tactical committee to see how we can reverse the decision or find another way to address it. We can’t let this pass without a fightExplain Vicki Mae Hamm.

The same story is for Jane Guy Gingras, chair of the Memphrymagog Hospital Surveillance Committee, who was shocked to learn of the clinic’s closure. An emergency meeting will be held to establish the following discussions with CIUSSS de l’Estrie-CHUS and MNA for Orford, Gilles Belanger.

We thought more about solving the problem than announcing the closure.

Quote from:Jean-Guy Gingras, Monitoring Committee of Memphrymagog Hospital

Faced with the departure of these doctors from Mumphrey Medical Clinic, Jean-Guy Gingras knows there will be thousands more orphaned patients. We already have a shortage of doctors, so here, the problem becomes really big, he adds.

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