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Mental Health: Demanded End of Bailiffs . Program

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This approach, backed by a petition signed so far by nearly 2,000 people, follows a wake-up call from 112 community organizations in 2021.

Mental health aid organization Projet PAL, which has made itself the spokesperson for the other organisations, is back in charge with its demand: an immediate halt to the production, broadcast and rebroadcasting of preparersAs well as pulling already produced episodes from the web.

Remember that series preparers, the fifth season of it in production, follows the daily lives of bailiffs, who must evict defaulting tenants from their homes or seize property; Situations that often turn tragic.

We are deeply shocked by the treatment given to people in tragic personal situations and to the general publicDoris Provencher, in a virtual press conference, confirmed the Director-General of the Association of Intervention Groups in Defense of Mental Health Rights in Quebec (AGIDD-SMQ).

I understand that the product is very associated with this program, because it has very good reviews, but we think above all about the harmful consequences that this program produces on the dignity of the people involved.

String feeding prejudice

According to Ms. Provencher, the series preparers It fuels negative biases about people who live with or have experienced a mental health problem, a sentiment widely shared by Caroline Levis, chair of the Board of Directors of the Regroupment of Alternative Resources in Santília de Quebec (RRASMQ).

Biases conveyed by the show preparers Exacerbation of social exclusion and homelessness. We single out social problems such as poverty, the housing crisis and lack of support for people in distressShe added after her colleague.

« When we are in distress, we need support, not the camera that disrupts our lives the most. Take advantage of people’s misfortune to create a sensation no. »

Quote from Carol Levis, Chairman, RRASMQ

Sylvain, a Projet PAL member in his fifties who himself lived in a state of precariousness, agrees.

Human misery is not a symptom, He said. There are many reasons why a person cannot pay: mental health problems, addiction issues resulting from various life factors such as depression, job loss, etc. Housing should be a birthright above all else.

Bell’s double-talk, according to organizations

Another element that annoys community organizations and other signatories of the petition to put an end to it preparers. This is Bell’s role – whose subsidiary Bell Media owns Noovo – in raising awareness of mental health through the Bell Let’s Talk initiative.

The shock grows when we know this [Bell] A mental health awareness campaign has been conducted for several years. At the same time, he participates in this type of emissions. There is a stark contrast between what is said and what is done, summarized by Doris Profincher.

« The beautiful image that Bill wants to project for herself is cracking. Not worthy of such a great company. »

Quote from Doris Provencher, General Manager, AGIDD-SMQ

Therefore, the organizations and signatories to the petition are asking Bell Let’s Talk to participate in the selection of programs produced in order to carry out their mission within their company.

As Bill fights for the cause, let’s talk about all the psychological stress and strain on the mental health of tenants who live in poorly maintained and unsanitary housing. When will there be a program denouncing the real problems associated with housing?asked Marion Duval, of the Quebec Housing Committees and Tenants Associations (RCLALQ).

At the time of publishing this article, Nouveau, the series announcer preparers, has not yet responded to Radio Canada’s request for a response.

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