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Microsoft promises better Teams performance, but it’s still with Rosetta 2

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Microsoft TeamsSlack clone creator for Windows isn’t the fastest macOS app. It’s just the opposite, with users complaining about the slowness that the client becomes almost unusable on a Mac. The app is known for its complexity and the computers sold by Apple aren’t the only ones to struggle, but the macOS client appears to be worse off and this poor performance is reinforced on Apple Silicon Macs.

Since there isn’t an optimized version of the new architecture, Microsoft Teams works thanks to Rosetta 2. Even if the middle tier built by Apple is extremely powerful, it doesn’t work miracles for the heavier, more coded applications. Service users with a new Mac are anxiously waiting for a global binary, but that might not be the case yet.

Microsoft promises yet In his forum Improvements in this area, as I did Note the location Newer Windows. A message posted by an engineer on the Teams team on March 24 announces that macOS client performance will be improved soon. One of the angles mentioned is the integration of Electron 10, a cross-platform framework used to build a macOS client, and that integrates improvements that will benefit Teams.

That’s good news, but it also means Teams should remain an Intel app based on Rosetta 2 until further notice. The electron allows creating a universal binary Since version 11 Microsoft will have to endorse this version at least to optimize the performance of its implementation on Apple Silicon Macs. Let it be A priori Not surprisingly in the program, especially since the same company offers An improved version of VSCode, Its code editor also relies on this framework, but it is also one of the best examples of an application built on Electron.

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