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Minnesota | The shooter opens fire in the clinic and five are injured

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(Washington) A gunman opened fire on a clinic in Buffalo, Minnesota, on Tuesday after he was said to be unhappy with the treatment he received, wounding five people before their arrest, northern state officials said.

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Just before 11 am (5 pm GMT), police learned that a man entered the Allina Health clinic and shot the attendees. Local television footage showed a building with several windows exploding.

Buffalo Police Chief Pat Bodek said, during a press conference, that Gregory Ulrich, 67, known to the police, acted because he had been “unhappy for several years with the care he received” in nearby clinics.

However, Budke said, there was no indication that he would take action.

He added that the inspectors believe that it “specifically targeted this institution or one of the employees of this institution.”

Hospital official Kelly Spratt said that five people were taken to hospitals in the area, without revealing the extent of their injuries.

According to Pat Bodek, “there could have been an explosion” before the shooting. According to contacts between the police officers who intervened, it was reported by the daily Star TribuneThe suspect reportedly announced the presence of bombs before surrendering to the officers.

A suspicious package was found at the entrance to the clinic, and suspicious packages were found in a hotel occupied by the suspect near the clinic, according to the police.

The clinic advertises itself on its website as a “family-friendly” facility offering “adequate health care options”.

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A witness named Tiffany said she had stopped the car to drive her mother to the clinic when she saw two nurses rush to her car.

She said, “They went in and told me that they heard 11 gunshots in one minute.”

“They didn’t see the shooter, but they assumed it was shooting and after two minutes we saw the windows on the facade explode and we left.”

Police said the suspect would have acted alone and his action had no connection with domestic terrorism.

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