Mixed committee to reform professional football

A joint committee was formed between the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Algerian Football Federation to discuss and reform the state of professional football.

« This committee, chaired by Mr. Mohamed Chira, Advisor to the FAF President, is made up of executives from MJS and the Federation will make an in-depth diagnosis of professionalism in Algeria after 10 years of its establishment and think of ways and means. Consolidate gains, close gaps, and initiate structural and organizational reforms to relaunch them on solid foundations ’,” he noted to the FAF in a recent press release.

Having chaired the inauguration meeting of this new committee, Syed Ali Khalidi, the Minister of Youth and Sports will say: “ Among the negative points that we note, we refer to the lack of a climate for sports exploitation, the weak economic performance of commercial sports companies, as well as the weak exploitation and training of young sports talents and the spread of their opposition. – Athlete and contrary to sports etiquette. »

Both the FAF and MJS decided to hand over the reins of this new committee to Mohamed Masharara, Advisor to the President of the Federation, and former President of the Professional Football League.


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