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Mixed results for the Canadian short track team

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Should we be concerned about Canadian performance? Or is it dangerous to judge athletes based on a single competition?

I am not worried, coach Sebastian Kroos confirmed. We are in our place and the competition is tough. We can’t say we dominated the world championships so there’s work to be done and next year it’s going to be even more difficult.

Francois-Louis Tremblay, a former skater-turned-analyst, said Asian powers were missing in these worlds. It sure makes a big difference. In the past 25 years, there were perhaps 23 world champions from South Korea or the Chinese. There was a shortage of great players.

Appearance of Courtney Sarrault

The Canadian reveal for these championships was undoubtedly Courtney Sarrault who finished second in the cumulative standings with second place in the 1500 meters and third in the 1000 meters before concluding the super final of 3000 meters per second. The center is behind the Dutch Suzanne Schultung who won it all.

I am not surprised. I’ve seen her skate toddlers and she’s strong physically. Technically, she has good skills. It does good finishes for races and good gestures, it’s super comfy. It never seems complicated when I watch his races. She does good overtaking, and has good instinct.

Francois Louis Tremblay

Still young, Tremblay continues. She has great potential and she shines well in the team. It bodes well for her next year even if there are some missing girls. Guarantees a possible final in the Olympiad.

Hamlin, like good wine

On the men’s side, had it not been for Charles Hamlin’s impressive 1500m victory, the Canadians would have returned empty-handed from the Netherlands. This achievement is noteworthy for the esteemed 36-year-old athlete.

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Kroos said he was in really good shape. Of course there is a disappointment in the 1000 meters because he could have won it too. But the short path is the same, it is not always 100%.

François Louis Tremblay believes that what Charles accomplished over time remains exceptional. If he continues to do well at this age, we must give him the recognition he deserves. It also keeps getting better. He’s very focused, from what I’ve heard from coaches. Knowing his personality, it’s no surprise that he can do it, but physically, he continues the path, it’s impressive.

On the other hand, honorable mention is made to Maxim Lone, who participated in the final of the 1500m race, which he concluded at 6 o’clock.H Rank. On the one hand, for Stephen Dubois, the winner of some podiums at the World Cup during the 2019-2020 season, the weekend has been tough.

Stephen, it’s a little disappointing but we’ve been into the unknown, not so much in its intrinsic form but especially in terms of its ability to sequence events, as Sebastian Cross assesses. On top of that, he suffered a 1,500-meter fall and a hip pain pawning him for the rest of the weekend. Unfortunately.

The 23-year-old was unable to advance to the quarter-finals in the 500 and 1000 meters and did not reach the relay semi-finals. Hamlin, Lawn, Jordan Pierre Gill and William Dandgenau were unable to reach the final.

“We have a smaller team than before, with less experience,” says Tremblay. In the semi-finals, they were practically ranked for the final until Charles lost his foot at the last turn. It shows how narrow it is. A lot of things fall on Charles’s shoulders. They weren’t able to create a hiatus before the end of the race to give themselves some rest. There’s a fine line between winning an Olympic medal and qualifying for the Class B final. I think they’re out there, and they’re in the game. Not abandoned, they are able to compete with the best.

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The women’s squad consisting of Sarrault, Danny Bliss, Alison Charles and Claudia Gagnon was also disqualified from the final mission.

These are the big disappointments, the coach admitted. The thing that’s still good is that the level offered was very interesting. Both teams were well positioned to fight for the title. Obviously, when we look at the result, we’re not there at all. It’s a shame because the girls had the race. Kourtney made a slight mistake in the rally and lost her ability in the first corner so her last two laps were bad. But it must be said that she had a big day of competition.

We have to realize that Canadian athletes are young. Besides Hamlin and Kim Putin, who are supposed to be back in the fall, no one has lived the Olympic experience.

Patience is required, Sebastian Cross warns.

This is new, and still a reality. Yes, we want good results in games but it definitely won’t be at its best potential.

Sebastian Croce, Canadian coach

However, there is great hope on the horizon on the part of the girls. Florence Brunel, at only 17 years old, is ranked 14thH Rank general classification. A 9H 500m was his best result on the weekend.

Skater Trois Riviere, Kroos said the really interesting thing this year is her ability to learn and her rapid development. So it has a true quality that is not uncommon. And in her first senior competition, she did more than well. She will be a girl to follow.

If it continues its momentum, Brunel has a good chance of qualifying for the team that will represent the country at the Beijing Olympics in 2022.

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