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Monsters of Science: The Podcast is Coming!

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Do you like science? Do you like animals then you will love Monsters of scienceFutura’s new podcast that brings animal intelligence to the fore! To discover the biweekly Wednesday at 5 pm!

You don’t have to be a lover of cute cats to agree to thisIntelligence Animal is a vast field as wonderful and unknown. Take, for example, did you know that The elephants Able to differentiate human languages? One a bird He can remember Hundreds of stashes of its seeds ? Or those dung beetles Use the Milky Way for orientation ? Not that stupid, animals!

Bêtes de Science, Animal Intelligence Podcast

If these fun facts tickle you nervous cellsWait no more: Explore Episode 1 of Monsters of sciencePodcast based on Column named after Natalie MeyerMary read it from the YouTube channel Curiosity Box. During these issues, we will venture to go to the four corners of the world to meet all kinds of amazing animals and their most interesting behaviors. Today we begin by answering a fundamental question: Why then Giant panda Do they roll in dung? Plug in your headphones, we’re off!

Embark on this new adventure!

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you welcome in Monsters of science, The new Futura podcast that gives pride of place to animals. I am Marie de la Boîte à Curiosités and in the first episode, we will be interested in the surprising behavior of one of the most famous animals in the world.

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Do you know the giant panda? With a Atmospheres Big teddy bears eyes Circled in black, it’s enough to melt us. But it is also a symbol Cash Threatened. The proof is even the motto of the foundation WWF.

We lacked sweetness for this adorable bear that mythology presents as an animal with a big heart. So big heart that it is said that this is the way Black spots It appeared on clean white fur at the beginning of Huge panda. Much like traces of ash left by their claws wiping away tears When a person dies. Cover their ears so that they cannot hear them crying. And we hugged each other for comfort.

To see him, with his light air, sitting there endlessly chewing a Bamboo However, indigestible, only one desire comes to us: a big hug for him. But make no mistake about it. The animal also has its small flaws. Here, for example, a little lazy. Including when it comes to seducing his beauty.

Worse still – or maybe not, depending on each person’s values ​​- the giant panda seems to have developed an odd attraction … come on! Let’s not be afraid of words: other people’s poo. This situation is very rare between Mammals Wild – who prefer to stay away from it to avoid it Contamination by Parasites The researchers wanted to know more. But why the hell would a giant panda like to roll in Horse dung ? Rub it and spread it on its fur. With a marked preference, moreover, for rubbish cool!

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What lit their fuse was the Qinling panda. Followers of this practice, these friendly creatures form a Subspecies Spots are light brown instead of black. And a little hint, they usually exhibit this behavior when temperatures in the mountains they live in drop below 15 degrees Celsius … so, do you have any idea why they are doing this? But yeah, you’re heating up … literally!

By taking a closer look at horse dung (well, I can rest assured, they didn’t roll in it), researchers found two interesting substances: beta-caryophylline and carophylline oxide. These have super powerful: toggle, at least temporarily, to switch the feeling of cold to “off.” A very practical asset discovered by the giant panda is through experience, as it lived side-by-side with the horses that have traveled the trade routes in the Qinling Mountains for 1,000 years.

Those who, unlike their cousins, bears, do not overcook in the winter, have found an equally effective solution to fight the cold: 100% natural paint that acts as a heater. We are still far from taking inspiration from him to heat upwinter But let’s be honest: Not that stupid, Panda Chenling!

Thank you for watching this first episode of Monsters of science. You can find the original record for Natalie Mayer On Futura and all our episodes on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcast, Castbox and many more. Remember to subscribe not to miss anything and leave us a comment and five stars On distribution platforms to support us and improve our visibility. We see you soon for a new episode dedicated to the most amazing animal behaviors. Bye !

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