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Montreal Canadiens: lack of pride and emotion

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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Almost a generation has passed since the Montreal Canadiens had not won the Stanley Cup. This is not about to happen. We must stop dreaming.

Hockey is a sport that did not exist in Africa when I lived there. I discovered it in late 1993. In my hotel room. In Montreal.

It was winter. The TV was tuned to the northern Canadian match. My first game. Motivating competition took the trouble to learn the ins and outs of the aftermath.

During this series, the Montreal Canadiens won the last Stanley Cup. Face the Los Angeles Kings. Two years later, the Quebec Nordic Islands were sold to US interests in Denver, Colorado.

Coincidentally or coincidentally, since that time, Montreal Canadians have lost their flame and slowly disposed of their bodies in relation to their locals.

Fake “organ”

On the sidelines of a press conference held last week by the Prime Minister Francois Legault denounced the apparent absence of Quebec players in the Canadian:

“I find it regrettable that there are no more Quebecers with the Canadian. Maybe one day, if we have Nordic, there will be a competition to see who has the most players from Quebec.”

I fully share this opinion.

And I would like to add about this: Maybe one day, if we have the Nordic, there will be a competition to see which of the two teams will return the Stanley Cup to Quebec. So, once again competitive and inflated with pride, it is very likely that the Canadian will again start winning the Cups!

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Reality in the face

Canadian leaders can change coaches or shirts or bolster the team with new players, as long as the missing and essential catalyst and carrier of the dynamics and operation of that team’s engine is not present. You are bound to dream about a “cup” of Stanley in Montreal, or even Quebec.

This stimulus, the vector, lost in a Canadian scientist once again aspiring to the Stanley Cup is expressed in two words: Nordic.

The absence of Quebec players within the Canadians is definitely a problemBecause we’re talking about Quebec without the majority of Quebecers! It is unbelievable!

But in absolute terms, as long as there is only one NHL hockey team, which is also embodied by foreign players who show no emotional attachment to Quebec, the hope for the trophy to return to Montreal will remain a mirage.

Despite this shortage of French speakers among Canadians, many Quebecers identify themselves in this team thanks to its glorious history, but certainly not because of its seasons that have been blunted from season to season since 1993.

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