Montreal Canadiens: Shane Wright used to see himself in Montreal

In spite of himself, Shane Wright has been fueling talks for a few months in Quebec. Is he really the best hope for the 2022 World Cup and should he set his sights on the Montreal Canadians if they have the number one option on aggregate? One thing is for sure, the Kingston Frontenacs forward will never say no to wearing the blue, white and red jersey.

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Wright had not yet started a season that was living up to expectations and many recruits, in many different media outlets, expressed their doubts about the quarterback. Despite everything, it remains for the time being, according to many, the harmonious option that will be chosen first in the replay that will take place in Montreal on July 7 and 8.

Of course, Wright does not live under a rock. Even if he tries as much as possible not to swallow himself up with all that has been said about him over the past few months, he affirms that he is aware of the enthusiasm, both positive and negative, that his name generates in Montreal.

Montreal Canadiens: Shane Wright used to see himself in Montreal

Dominic Chan / QMI

“I hear the excitement, and to be honest, Montreal is a special place to play. It would be a great place for me and I would be very happy if I had the opportunity to be a part of this organization. Of course, I hear what is being said about me, but these are things that are out of my control at the moment. ,” he stated on Tuesday in the basement of the Memorial Auditorium in Kitchener where the Canadian Hockey League (CHL) leaderboard will have a game in Highest Expectations Wednesday night.

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Wright got a taste of where Habs fans get ready to go in early December. During the warm-up at the Frontenacs, an amateur descended to the ice level and hit the bay window until Wright turned toward him. The fan in question had a Canadian Wright shirt with the number 51.

Montreal Canadiens: Shane Wright used to see himself in Montreal

Dominic Chan / QMI

“It was really funny,” he recalls. I turned around and saw that he used tape to write my name on the shirt. loved it.”

Critics and pressure

After his slow start, Shane Wright has taken his strides in recent weeks. Before leaving for Kitchener, he was 11th in the OHL with 77 points in 52 games.

“I’m happy with my game. I think I didn’t have the best start and I will be the first to admit that I didn’t play the best hockey game. On the other hand, I’ve played in the past few months at a high level and I hope to continue this momentum until the end of the season.

The fact remains that critics are still present in his case. For some, it is not the best hope for this coffee.

“I don’t really care what people say. It doesn’t change anything for me. I don’t spend a lot of energy on it,” he says.

One thing is for sure: criticism doesn’t come from those who face it, night after night.

“For me, Shane Wright is a player who does everything on the ice. He’s good defensively and able to produce when attacking. He’s hard to face. He’s a good general and captain. He’s a player you want on your team and only be able to be with this week, to be able to recognize On it, it’s fun.”

with Savoy

On Wednesday, he will have the opportunity to send a message. Admittedly, CHL’s Top Prospects Game isn’t everything, but a good encounter with Wright will help him win back the hearts of some of his critics playing for NHL teams.

As part of his squad, Equipe Rouge, he will play alongside what many consider Canada’s second-best player this year, Winnipeg ace striker Matthew Savoy.

Montreal Canadiens: Shane Wright used to see himself in Montreal

Dominic Chan / QMI

“I can’t wait to play with Shane,” said Savoy. We haven’t played together in a match before. I’ve played against him a few times in junior hockey and in the spring tournaments so I’m familiar with him. We are good friends and have always kept in touch. »

Furthermore, for those wondering why Canada’s best players develop within the same team, know that Centrale organizes an annual draft during which two recruits select the players in turn. Obviously, Shane Wright was the first choice overall, but Savoy’s Winnipeg teammate Connor Jake was the next.

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