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Montreal scores its third win in a row

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And those who left before the whistle robbed themselves of the emotion when the White Caps scored a second goal that was later denied after watching a replay of the video. Toussaint Ricketts, who thought he had collected a point for his team, was offside.

I kept the victory because – and the players know it – we weren’t terrible, even in the first half, Montreal coach, Wilfried Nancy confirmed. We had a good time, started both halves well, and it was really fun. We had good moments when we were able to pick up speed and unbalance, as we had planned. After that, there was still a lack of control in the game, which allowed them to be dangerous at times.

The second half of the 25th minute I did not like it. But we will remember the victory. »

Quote from Wilfried Nancy, Head Coach, CF Montreal

In front of the sleeping White Caps every time, he hit the Montreal team in the first minute of the match and from the second of the second half.

CF Montreal vs. Vancouver: The Highlights

Photo: USA TODAY SPORTS/David Kirouac

Djordji Mihajlovic scored his fourth goal in the first season, the same number recorded throughout last season, well backed by Alistair Johnston in the penalty area.

Returning from the locker room, while some were still waiting for their hot coffee, Rommel Koyoto tapped a pass from Mihajlovic six meters from the goal line. CF Montreal players seemed surprised by the so easy goal and hesitated before celebrating it, thinking Quioto might have been offside.

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Djurji was right there, in the right place. Score a goal and a good pass. Nancy said, “I’m not surprised.” He’s making progress. After that, be in the match management. I always challenge him, but there were some moments where he could have been a little better at handling in the end.

The Montreal team dominated their home ground almost unchallenged until two-thirds of the match.

In the 62nd minute, Lucas Cavallini, at the start of the match, thought he had scored a goal, but he was offside.

The ultimatum obviously did not sound so loud, as the Montreal team allowed a goal three minutes later, Brian White worked. Then the Montreal family doubled defensive errors. At the end of the match, luck will be on their side.

If there is an offside, that means we defended wellSaid Wilfried Nancy, who nevertheless would have liked his team not to be in such a precarious situation at base.

I can speak because the game is over, but I would like, from time to time, when we have the opportunity to kill the match, that we do so, so that the players take advantage of the momentum in a different way, with many goals ahead of us rather than endangering themselves in the end,” Nancy said. We only had one goal [d’avance]Then it started to smell a little bad. We had chances to score the third goal, but we didn’t.

With this third straight win, the Montreal team expanded their undefeated streak to four after a lackluster start to the season.

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Butterflies of the new president

This return to the turf at Stade Saputo marked the official return of the new president, Gabriel Gervais. While this former Montreal Impact defender has mostly thwarted attackers on the grass at Claude Rubilard’s sports complex, he has played a few matches at the team’s current stadium.

A few hours before kicking off his first home game in his new role, Jervis had a hard time hiding his joy.

I have butterflies as if I came to play a game. Since last night, I’ve been thinking about it a lot,” the chief said into the Radio Canada Sports mic. I went on the road with the team when they played in New York against the Red Bulls, but today is very special.

While walking towards the Radio Canada camera, fans stopped Gervais several times near the stadium. Take pictures and sign T-shirts. If the thing is flowing naturally today, we don’t remember seeing former president Kevin Gilmore act that way.

Jervis says people are telling me good luck and telling me they are glad I accepted to be club president. I feel they care about the team, the history of the Montreal Impact. Everyone I’ve spoken to wants us to be closer and more present in society.

Canadian athletes holding Canadian flags.

Gabriel Gervais explains his mission on Radio Canada Sports Microphone.

The 45-year-old wants to breathe new life into an organization that has lost its luster in recent years. If the sports project on the ground is to be credible thanks to the existing team of coaches and young players, the link between the team and the community has to be rebuilt to some extent. Gervais understands that there are many construction sites.

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Moreover, 12,042 spectators barely attended the season opener at Stade Saputo, the first in Montreal in a month.

Jervis explains: I’d like to be able to turn the page on the identity debate, and I’d like our identity to be clear. It is essential that our identity relate to the mission. This year, we can turn the page to show that we are a strong organization.

Then, of course, on the field, the role of youth continues. I traveled with the team last week and saw a tight-knit team that is fun and can express itself. I really like the approach [Wilfried] Nancy and Oliver [Renard]. They want to make a team with a certain sandbox mode, but a team that can express itself is great.

Gabriel Gervais loves the diversity of tasks in his new state. Given the amount of projects he’ll have to lead, it’s best to do it in a good mood, right?

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