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Presidency in France | Environmental promises to Macron, Le Pen pretends to be a “mother”

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(Paris) Emmanuel Macron promised a five-year term under the seal of the environment; Marine Le Pen asserted that she will defend “the most vulnerable”: the two opponents of the French presidential elections continued their attack on the left-wing voters, the arbiter of the April 24 elections, on Saturday.

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Leon Bruno and the political magnate of AFP
France media agency

Eight days before the elections, the outgoing president and his far-right rival continued their campaign relentlessly, each pretending to unite the nation.

At the same time, several hundred people demonstrated in Paris and in about thirty cities against the far right, at a time when Marine Le Pen did not seem very close to the Elysee, even if the latest polls dig the gap, giving Emmanuel Macron the winner 55.5%.

Photo Thibault Camus, The Associated Press

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen

The authorities were expecting about 15,000 demonstrators across France, for these rallies at the invitation of many organizations and unions.

Our fear is that the far right will come to power […]We don’t want Marine Le Pen at the Elysee. We are here to say “Use your ballot to prevent him from coming to power,” and we don’t say “Macron’s vote,” but it’s up to that,” insisted the co-chair of the Movement Against Racism and Friendship Among the Peoples (Mrap).

Macron’s Environmental Promises

At a rally in Marseille, France’s second largest city, the presidential candidate addressed left-leaning voters, especially environmentalists, directly, promising that if his prime minister was re-elected he would be directly responsible for environmental planning.

“The policy that I will follow in the next five years will be environmental or it will not be,” he said during a meeting in Pharaoh’s gardens under the bright sun.

In front of a few thousand people, he promised a “complete renewal” of his policy, saying he “heard” the message of the first round as the leader of the radical left, environmental planning champion Jean-Luc Mélenchon, almost created the surprise and reached the second round with 22% of the vote, behind Marin Le Pen by 23.1%.

The goal of this proposal: to move “double speed” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

While the topic of combating climate change was almost absent from the entire first round, Mr Macron said he wanted to give a “new perspective” to the coming years, defending his record: “We don’t” and insisting we haven’t done anything in these five years, while He accused his opponent of being a “climate skeptic”.

The choice is clear: the far right is a climate skeptic project that wants to destroy wind turbines.

Emmanuel Macron

” House wife “

At the same time, the far-right candidate was immersed in a small rural town in the northwest, Saint-Rémy-sur-Avre. In the occupied territories of this city of 3,900 inhabitants where it collected 37.2% of the vote, mme Le Pen promised to lead France like a “mother” and to stand up for “the most vulnerable”.

“I will be your voice,” I promised the residents who came to express their grievances: too heavy loads, a lack of aid, a lack of equipment for the disabled …

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said Le Pen remains concerned about his voters abstention.

Referring to the demonstrations against the far-right and the multiple platforms calling for a vote for Emmanuel Macron, Mme Le Pen criticized “brutal incitement” and “a complete disrespect for democracy”.

She said the “regime”, symbolized in her eyes by Emmanuel Macron and his supporters, “is concerned because it sees that the people want to regain power.”

On Saturday evening, the first results of the consultation launched by Jean-Luc Melenchon, with 310,000 of his supporters, will be announced for the second round. Abstention, blank vote or Emmanuel Macron’s vote? The evening of the first round, the leader of the radical left called for ‘not to give a single vote tome the pen “.

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