Montreal virtual reality studio, Felix and Paul, ready to go to the moon

At the end of August, Montreal studio Felix and Paul will be shooting an 8K, 360-degree movie of the launch of NASA’s Artemis I rocket, which is supposed to blast off toward the moon sometime this August. The immersive video will be streamed live on the Meta VR platform, the former Oculus, and will be shown on about 100 planetariums around the world.

This isn’t the Montreal video production studio’s first trip into space, as Felix and Paul Studios followed Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield during his last stay aboard the International Space Station, in early 2021.

It’s a small step for humans, but a big leap for virtual reality. It’s also a huge step for Felix and Paul Studios as well, which are increasingly entrenching themselves in the world of immersive 360-degree video.

However, Artemis I is essentially an unmanned launch intended to test NASA equipment. We imagine it’s also a test of recording equipment in a Montreal studio.

NASA’s goal is to launch an Artemis rocket that will be officially launched in 2025 with astronauts on board. Their mission will be to set foot on the moon for the first time in 50 years. We can assume that this will also be photographed in HD and 360 degrees. We can’t wait to see if the lunar landing will be broadcast live.

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