More than 10,000 Afghan refugees have been welcomed into Canada

The arrival of 300 new Afghan refugees Wednesday at Toronto airport has seen more than 10,000 Afghans be received in Canada since August 2021, a milestone Ottawa highlighted when others called for urgent immigration applications.

“Despite the extraordinary and complex challenges we face on the ground in Afghanistan, the pace of access remains high and we will continue to work with our trusted national and international partners as we safely resettle more Afghan refugees in Afghanistan,” said Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Who attended the arrival of the charter plane.

On the same day, New Democratic Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship critic Jenny Kwan called on the minister to expedite the processing of these refugees’ immigration applications.

The representative from Vancouver East, accompanied by Afghan interpreters, said their families face significant threats and called on the Trudeau government to take action.

The Liberals announced last November that members of the performers’ extended family could be eligible to come to Canada through an expedited process.

Of the nearly 300 people who have used the procedure since December 9, none of the extended family has made it to Canada, interpreters reported Wednesday, according to CTV News.

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