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Most gambling series of the last 10 years (about casinos)

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Everything that worries humanity immediately appears on the screens of cinemas and televisions. Cinematography is not asleep, it takes its plots straight from life. And people’s life is so varied that, sometimes, you wonder how the main characters of movies can live like this.

It is about this unusual, extraordinary life of cinematic characters that will be discussed. And we will recall the most exciting films about casinos.

The latest and most interesting films

1. Suits – Season 2, 2012.

The main character is Harvey Specter. As a gambler in poker, he went through a lot in his life, up to the fact that overnight he lost his successful company in this game. How did this story end? Watch the movie and enjoy!

2. Sin City 2, 2014. And again, poker. An incredibly profitable game in Las Vegas, in the “city of sin”. We are in a hurry to please future viewers that one of the heroes is played by the favorite of many viewers – Mickey Rourke.

3. The Gambler, 2014. The protagonist of this film leads a double life. While teaching literature, he loses money at the same time. There is no more money, but there are plenty of problems, especially debts. How does the attempt to get out of this debt hole end? Watch the movie and find out everything.

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4. Molly’s Game, 2017. The main character is Molly Bloom. Yes – a woman, but what’s the big deal. In gambling, everyone is equal, both women and men. If only there was money and a lot of excitement.  A film of the detective genre. Chases, shootouts, blood – all this is present.

5. Mahabharat, 2013. Quite familiar plot: two clans belonging to the same dynasty have been feuding with each other for many years. The plot is based on the eternal struggle of good and evil. Representatives of one kind are the very personification of kindness, justice. The other kind has absorbed all the evil that exists in the world and, above all, meanness built on envy. The struggle for power of representatives of two clans makes everyone’s life simply unbearable.

6. Cold Deck, 2015. The story of the main character Bobby will not leave anyone indifferent. To pay for the treatment of his seriously ill mother, Bobby decides to rob an underground poker club. How did it end? Watch – an incredibly exciting movie!

7. Beyond the Edge, 2018. One day, a talented conman Michael, gathering around him people with paranormal abilities, decides to rob a casino. Our hero, along with his accomplices, find themselves in a situation of mortal danger. You can find out how the superpowers of “friends in misfortune” will help you get out of this situation alive by looking at this picture.

8. The Pelayos, 2012. The film is based on real events from the life of the Pelayo family clan. Famous masters of roulette and card games, traveling around, successfully won, beating all the casinos in a row.

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9. Joueurs, 2018. The main character, Abel, is loving and gambling. One day, Abel’s meeting with Ella changed their lives “one hundred percent.” The film features: love, tears, a casino and a game full of excitement and surprises. All this leads to passion, not only in the relationship of lovers, but also to the game.

10. The Hangover, 2009. This film is somewhat older than the previous ones. The hero of the film in one evening easily won 80 thousand dollars in blackjack, dressed up like a decent person, and was able to replace the groom who disappeared on the eve of his wedding.

The topic of gambling has remained popular for several decades. Let’s watch and enjoy the game of famous heroes. There is also a life in which there is no place for fear, doubt, but there is a lot of adventurism, excitement and an incredible craving for money.

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