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Most of the restrictions will be lifted in July in Alberta

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Alberta predicts that with the current rate of vaccination and diminishing hospitalization numbers, nearly all restrictions will be lifted by early July. To reach stage 3, at least 70% of people over the age of 12 will need to receive at least one dose of the vaccine.

During the reopening phase, indoor gatherings will be allowed again, which has not happened since mid-December.

The only exceptions that will be applied during the third phase are isolation requirements for confirmed cases of COVID-19 and some mandatory measures in continuing care facilities.

We’ll have a wonderful summer.

Quote from:Jason Kenny, Prime Minister of Alberta

Kenny says the third stage could happen by June 28, or even earlier, if Alberta residents continue to vaccinate them at a steady rate.

Until this stage is reached, residents will have to continue to follow hygienic measures, including social distancing at all times with non-family members.

The county specifies that, from May 28, restrictions on religious services will decrease from 15 people to 15% of capacity.

level 1

The first phase of the reopening, which takes effect from June 1, provides for a return to the restrictions that prevailed before May 4.

A maximum of 10 people are allowed outside gatherings and activities. Restaurants will once again be able to welcome customers on the terraces, with a maximum of 4 people per table (always from the same house).

Companies that offer personalized services like hairdressing and beauty salons can reopen by just scheduling an appointment.

The stores can hold up to 15% of their capacity.

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A wedding party will have the right to 10 people, and funerals will have a right of 20 people.

However, receptions are still prohibited during this stage.

The second phase

Two weeks after Alberta has reached a 60% vaccination target for more than 12 years, and when hospitalizations drop below 500, a second phase can be activated, likely around mid-June.

This is the one A big step forwardIn the words of the Prime Minister.

Up to 20 people will be able to participate in outdoor social gatherings, and this number will increase to 150 for outdoor events, such as concerts and festivals. Outdoor seating events can be opened to a third of their capacity.

Weddings and restaurants

The wedding ceremony can take place with the attendance of 20 people, including the bride and groom. Only weddings or funerals are allowed outside.

The restaurants will be able to accommodate tables for up to six people, both outside and inside. These people will no longer have to be part of the same family.

Shops and religious institutions will be able to hold up to 30% of their capacity.

The gyms can be reopened, and the participants will have to keep a distance of 3 meters from each other.

Cinemas reopen

Sports activities for youth and adults can be resumed at home and abroad without restrictions. Recreational activities, such as daily camps and play centers, will resume with restrictions.

Indoor infrastructures such as cinemas, squares or museums will once again be able to accommodate an audience of up to a third of their capacity.

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Personal care services will be able to welcome clients, without necessarily having to do so by appointment.

Post-secondary institutions will be able to resume classes in person, the work-from-home requirement will be abolished, but they will still be strongly advised.

Jason Kenny thanked the Alberta residents who followed instructions and got vaccinated. Not only did we finish the summit, we destroyed it He said before announcing that the summer of 2021 would be the best the province has known.

I don’t think many Alberta residents think the reopening is fast.

Quote from:Jason Kenny, Prime Minister of Alberta

Doctors warned

However, many doctors in the province have warned the authorities against too much acceleration of the dilution that could undermine efforts to improve the health situation.

Dr Lenora Saxinger, an infectious disease expert at the University of Alberta, believes the drop in infection rates shows that the current health strategy is working, but that ICUs are still in trouble.

As of Tuesday, 565 people have been treated in hospital for coronavirus, including 158 in intensive care. Almost half of Alberta’s population has already received at least one first dose of the vaccine, and 8% have received two doses. The latter is considered completely immune.

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