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MPP Denis Landry enters municipal politics

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Denis Landry confirms he will be a candidate for mayor of the new Hautes-Terres municipality – which combines Saint-Isidore, Paquetville and the surrounding LSDs – on the Acadian Peninsula.

For him, it’s a return to basics. I’ve represented these people before.

He is still a deputy at present.

Denis Landry says he will remain a MP for Bathurst Est Nebesegheit St Isidore during the mayoral campaign. He does not intend to leave office unless elected.

Municipal elections will be held on November 28.

Dennis Landry at the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick (Archives).

Photo: Radio Canada/Ed Hunter

I don’t expect to quit before, unless there’s pressure coming and I’m told I can’t do bothHe said. If there is nothing to force me to quit, why?

With seven terms, Dennis Landry is one of the members who has spent the most time in the Legislative Assembly. He was first elected in 1995.

A place for Susan Holt?

Susan Holt was elected a month ago as the leader of the Liberal Party of New Brunswick, and she does not currently hold a seat in the Legislative Assembly.

Dennis Landry notes that he offered his place to the new chef.

Portrait of Susan Holt smiling in front of the New Brunswick Legislative Assembly.

Susan Holt, leader of the New Brunswick Liberal Party

Photo: Radio Canada/Alex Villeneuve

You will do what you want. The opportunity is there. Offer is available. If she tells me that she would like to return to the legislature sooner rather than later and that she needs my seat, I shall resign tomorrow morning, but other than that, there is nothing to compel me to resign. Dennis Landry said.

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A Liberal Party spokeswoman said Friday afternoon that Susan Holt had not yet decided whether to contest in Bathurst Est Nebesegwit St Isidore.

In the 2018 county election, Susan Holt ran a Fredericton North ride. She took second place behind David Kohn, the leader of the Green Party.

With information from Alex Villeneuve

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