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Museum Night returns to Strasbourg on Saturday!

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On Saturday, May 14, the Night of the Museums returns for its eighteenth edition, and as every year, the Strasbourg Museums play the role of night owls and open their doors free of charge to visitors. This year, the program highlights animals thanks to the collections of the Museum of Zoology, Anatomy, and also thanks to the research and excavations that Strasbourg researchers have conducted in Egypt over the past 150 years!

The Museums Night has been organized since 2005, and it will take place in Strasbourg on Saturday 14 May. An unmissable event that allows you to discover the wealth of objects on display in our museums and discover the world of research in a new light, or rather on a new night. in all three universities (Historical Campus, Esplanade and Medical Campus), tours and events are organized All evening.

Zoology Museum
© Chloe Mullen/Boca

Animals in the spotlight!

This year, the animals are in the spotlight and can be found in several places, starting with the Institute of Geology on Plessig Street, which hosts The paleontology collection consists of about 100,000 specimens. But also in the Adolf Michaelis Museum in Palais U where the film was shown “The Zoological Museum’s Collections Are Coming Out of the Shadows” Where one can observe the groups lit by a flashlight, which will be shown continuously (every 5 minutes), is in the Daubrée amphitheater.

And for those who would like to see it in person, Some animals will rest under the starry sky of the planetarium, 13 Observatory Street. However, reservations are necessary at the following address:

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In the Museum of Decorative Arts, Several visits are organized on this topic With 8 pm and 9 pm “stuffed animals, stuffed animals … what is taxidermy?”, 10 pm “the largest animal”, and at 11 pm “the most colorful animal”.

Zoology Museum
© Chloe Mullen/Boca

Egyptology, admire the beauty of science and bones

On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of Chicha (Common House of Human Sciences – Alsace), A guided tour retracing over 150 years of Strasbourg research in the Thebes Valley (which is now Luxor city) proposed. The university’s Egyptology group includes no less than 6000 ancient coins. Funeral masks, vases or funerary statues, all the objects on display come from excavations carried out in Egypt. The visit takes about 45 minutes Registration is mandatory:

Exhibition titledComplementary itemsIt will be on display until May 22, including the evening of the 14th when guided tours are offered. Thanks to the collaboration of several laboratories with visual artists, a large cycle of outdoor work will extend across the Esplanade campus. Originally, Complementary items It is a four-year program during which Researchers and scientists have worked hand in hand to put science in pictures. The visit is free, but it is possible to book a guided tour of about 1 hour by registering at the following address:

On the Medicine Campus, part of the Natural Anatomy Institute’s collection will be exceptionally open to visitors. The institute is located on Kirschleger Street and the entrance is through the back of the building and on site, Human bones from all parts of the body, dating from the late 18th century to the present day.

© Nicholas Caspar/Boca

Nature in all its forms in the city’s museums

All city museums will also be accessed free of charge throughout the evening, From 7 pm until midnight. Rohan Palace, Alsatian Museum, MAMCS, Aubette, events are planned in no less than eight places Different. And this year the theme of the city’s museums Nature’s desire.

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In the Tomi Ungerer Museum, it will be an opportunity to discover how the artist has given prominence to nature in his work. With a visit entitled “Representation of Nature by Tommy Angerer at Le Grand Livry des Chansons” at 7.30 pm and 8 pm, or “Representation of Nature by Tommy Angerer at Jean de la Lune”, at 9:30 pm. In the Alsatian MuseumFrom 7 pm to midnight, participants will have the opportunity to discover “Mysterious in Nature / Geim vùn Nàtür üss”, which will focus on things related to nature and its symbolism. Storytelling sessions will also be scheduled from 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM, as well as musical performances by Papyros’N Group.

There will be too Lots of workshops to take part in, especially in Rohan Palace, where you can make your own vegetable crown as in ancient times, in the courtyard of the palace, from 8 pm to 11 pm. Still in Rohan Palace, but this time in Archaeological Museuma workshop for natural cosmetics from 8 pm until 11 pm, in addition to the “Pig’s Power” workshop where participants will be invited to create a medal from 7 pm until 10 pm.

To see the program offered by the University of Strasbourg, from here and for the city’s museums, there!

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