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10 Reasons Why You Cannot Miss This Year’s U.S Open

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Jillian Castillo
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Each golf season opens with The Masters, which are usually far more interesting than any events for many reasons such as locations, players, and even the championship policy. Let us reveal the ten reasons that will convince you to get US Open golf tickets today.

  1. The Strong Standards

US Open is one of the championships that does not change its rules and approaches as time goes by. Since its establishment in 1985, the strategy has not changed and seems to be attracting more and more spectators every year. When visiting a match, one can be sure that every detail, starting from the seats and finishing with the equipment, will be on a high level. These details may seem insignificant at first, but all golf players are aware of their impact.

  1. Including Amateur Players

Not all championships do this, unfortunately. Being able to see amateur performers can give you an opportunity to analyze their skills and try to guess who is likely to become the new Tiger Woods. There are usually around five or seven amateur players each year, which makes the program more diverse and inclusive. Francis Ouimet, for example, remained an amateur for as long as he played, and the US Open was a starting point for him.

  1. Setup and Course

This may have more to do with organization than an actual event, but this can distinguish a good competition from one that is doomed to failure. The US Open hires professional golf players to test the setting and see if anything stops them from showing their best performance. Mike Davis has spent many years in this position and has famously made a lot of changes. Naturally, a real player can spot potential trouble where no one else can, and tackling these issues beforehand allows the championship to go smoothly.

  1. Father’s Day
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Father’s Day is celebrated in a number of countries, and it is especially important in the USA. We are mentioning this because US Open Finished on Father’s Day, which can give your celebration an interesting twist. The final is always filled with moving moments, such as winners congratulating their dads and passing them their rewards.

  1. The Best Golfers

All legends of golf have won the US Open at some point. Some even more than once. It means that visiting one of these events makes you a part of history. You have a good chance of seeing some of the most talented golfers perform. You could also see a player you have liked since childhood as age is not so important in golf.

  1. The Best Golf Courses

Not only can you see the best players if you visit the Open, but you can also see the best locations. Some of the games take place in public golf courses; others may take you to historical ones, such as Congressional, Olympic, and Oakmont. Visiting these places is a great way to spend a day itself, and it can only get better once you combine it with your favorite sport.

  1. The Most Democratic Championship

It is rare for significant championships to have such loose rules about taking part in competitions. Basically, it does not matter what previous experience you have or how old you are as long as you perform well and can show excellent performance. It makes the games significantly more attractive. Some conservative fans have always been criticizing this approach, but it has the massive support of most players and viewers.

  1. Diversity
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As it was mentioned before, the US championship allows players of different ages to join the general competition. It may be weird due to the fact that women are not allowed to perform alongside men, but this is still an issue with most kinds of sports, even in 2022. In comparison with other major golf championships, the US Open is very diverse.

  1. The Audience

The US Open attracts all kinds of people, so you are very likely to be among the viewers of various gender, age, and social status. Golf had a reputation as an elitist kind of activity in the past, but today it is accessible enough to unite different people with a shared interest. It also means that you can bring whomever you want with you as most people would feel in their place and enjoy the show, regardless of whether it is your date, a friend, or aunt.

  1. Importance

As a national competition, The US Open is one of the most important golfing events, so if you are at all interested in this sport, missing it would be a crime. Tickets used to be quite hard to get; however, nowadays, websites like Koobit allow you not only to buy the tickets but also to find all the necessary information about schedules, players, and rules.

The bottom line is that visiting the US Open is your opportunity to see the top players competing in the best locations. On the other hand, you will also be able to see amateur players and people of all ages, as the championship is the most democratic golf event when it comes to accepting players. The US Open has always been a major event for people who love golf, and you can become a part of it by visiting it in 2022.

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