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My brother’s wife: What dare you thank me?

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Sophia is 35 years old. And while the defense of his thesis on political philosophy should open all doors for him, now it leads to … absolutely nothing. Pregnant, jobless and without much hope, she lives with her brother who, to add an extra layer, falls in love with Sophia’s gynecologist.

Prix ​​coupe de coeur is a sure thing at the Cannes Film Festival – and it’s not a thing -, Sister in law Not just a successful introduction to Mona Shoukry, the director. It’s also a movie I’ve dared to. Let’s see what exactly.

My brother’s wife by Monia Shoukry Photo: Seville Films

daring existential comedy

The first movie is always considered a special moment in the life of a filmmaker. A fortiori when you are an actress. The cliché would also like the film in question to be a drama, centered around the performance of interpreters.

But Monia Shoukry – for her own good – instead dared to step aside and venture into a comedy about a female neurotic character,

A woman who is likable without necessarily friendly, who generates humor with uneasy, physical, intellectual, and acidic (including hilarious references to Foucault, she had to dare!).

A woman in a hat (Anne-Élisabeth Bossé) and a man in a colored shirt (Mani Soleymanlou) sit in a restaurant.
My brother’s wife by Monia Shoukry Photo: Seville Films

Dare to find your own voice

What is so attractive in Sister in lawIt’s the feeling of hearing an author develop her own voice and tone. And Shukri does this through two things: a reallocation of traditional laws associated with men and women (it would be a hustier father, a daughter who wouldn’t return after a night of love, an abortion that wouldn’t be a dramatic knot…) and a deliberately totally delicious retro theater.

Because whoever dares to use German pop music from the sixties can only delight his spectators.

A woman (Anne-Élisabeth Bossé), a pink towel on her head, reads a comic strip for Edica.
My brother’s wife by Monia Shoukry Photo: Seville Films

Bold Ann Elizabeth Boss

The actress had, of course, already imposed her talent and originality on the big screen (Lawrence anywayAnd the Felix and MiraAnd the Augustine’s passion…). But it took every taste of my thanks to understand that this big brown wand has the (antagonistic) qualities of a hero.

As Sophia, she is irresistible and finally has the space to unleash her strange energy.

Sister in lawon ICI Télé, Friday 17 June, at 8 pm.

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