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National Day Show: A cheery crowd in Montreal

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After a notable absence over the past two years, the Quartier des Spectacles has finally regained its festive atmosphere on Thursday, for Saint Jean-Baptiste’s Day, celebrated elegantly, but above all in front of a huge and enthusiastic crowd.

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Under clear skies and mild weather, Montrealers were finally able to celebrate the much-anticipated return of the National Day festivities on the Place des Festival. Families and friends who came for the big party, hand-decorated with flowers, cheered up the evening, singing and dancing to the tunes of “Party” and covers and classics played by the 1930s. Musicians and dozens of singers took turns on the main stage.

Hosted by Pierre-Yves Lourdes, an evening called “J’aime ma langue” gave way to occasional poignant moments, notably during the revival of “Tu m’aimes-tu” by Ariane Roy and Les Luang, but above all festive and dancing moments, so much so that the crowd He emitted infectious electricity and fever.

The festivities kicked off at 9:00 pm with dried-up motifs of Quebec classics, revisited by the artists who participated in Fête, and united their voices on “L’étoile d’Amérique” by Claude L’éveillée.

Then Roxanne Bruno took to the stage to sing her song “Somehow”. Of course, she later came back to sing her songs “Love me again” and “Des p’tits bouts de toi” as well as the cover of Margot’s “Provocante”.

A staple of rap Saint-Jean-Quebec, group Loco Locass, who wears the signature fleur-de-lis hat, took the stage in surprise to play “Le Mémoire” and “Le But,” as they made a blissful nod to blond devil Guy Lafleur.

FouKi, who along with Sarhamée took on the rap version of “Gens du pays” by Gilles Vignault, played “Copilote” with his good friend Jay Scott, as well as “Ciel” with Alicia Moffet and “Gayé” – all seated to better stand – towards the end of the show .

Ariane Roy, who was a hit at The Francos last Saturday, sang “As Long As There Are Kids” to Margot, and “Ta Men”, while Alicia Moffett revisited several songs for others, including the hit by the popular duo formed by Jarro and Celine Dion. Sous le vent” and “Pour que tu m’aimes encore”.

Accompanied by two dancers, Sarah made the audience dance with “The Heart Has Its Reasons,” and hid the phrase “We will always love you, Karim” in one of the last verses. Les Louanges, Patrice Michaud, Michel Pagliaro and Kathia Rock, who brought a little Maliotenam to Montreal, and Jay Scott also marched on the main stage at the Place des Festivals on Thursday.

Towards the end of the show, Pascal Montpetite, Catherine Proulx-Lemay and Patrice Michaud read an excerpt from the text “To the Heirs of the Year 2000” by René Lesvesque, who was going to celebrate his 100th birthday this year. The text written in 1980, and still relevant in 2022, was followed by “Hymn Lamore”, written by Luc Plamondon and Christian Saint Roch, this time translated by singer Marie-Jose Lord.

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At the end of the show, all the singers gathered on the stage to sing the song “La Amour” by Karim Wali.

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