NAV Canada: Diane Dallaire denounces the organization’s silence

Hence, the mayor responds to the announcement, last week, by organizing the maintenance of its services at several airports across Canada. The organization that provides air traffic control services in the country has abandoned 29 studies launched last fall on the future of its services in the respective cities.

For Diane Dallaire, there is a stark lack of consideration on NAV Canada’s part in the dossier regarding her city.

It is an important file and the aviation study that belongs to Rowen Noranda, it is the oldest study in Canada and we do not succeed in obtaining information, it is not acceptable. The mayor said.

She adds that despite the many steps, the city is still unable to learn more about the file.

We have sent several messages to the former Minister of Transport, Mr. Garneau, and the new Minister, Omar Al-Ghubra, and we are still not until the receipt of notice. We call on Secretary Melanie Jolie on this […] To remove this uncertainty, to obtain assurances from NAV Canada we can count on continuity of the nightly information service, The mayor explains.

For its part, NAV CANADA ensures that the study on Roan Noranda Airport remains open.

Brian Boudreau, director of media relations at NAV Canada, admits that the pandemic has turned his organization’s priorities on its head.

He promised to consult the stakeholders in the file, in particular the city of Rouen Noranda, on this matter.

Once we look at the Rouyn-Noranda file, there will be more information. […] There will be a call to notify the proposal process which will allow stakeholders to express themselves on our recommendations on Roan Noranda before submitting them to the Minister of Transport., He said.

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NAV Canada has been considering for several years replacing the human presence at Rowen Noranda Airport during the night with robotic systems, which the city of Rowen Noranda opposes.

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