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NCAA National Championship | Caufield and Badgers are eliminated

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Cole Caufield had dreamed of playing professional hockey for years, but he definitely had been considering another scenario to make it happen.

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The Bemidji State University Beavers stunned the Wisconsin Badgers with a 6-3 victory on Friday to inaugurate the NCAA National Championship.

So, Badger Season is over. Caufield’s undergraduate career could also be. In fact, the Canadians choosing in the first round in 2019 could now reach an agreement with CH and start his career in the spring, in Montreal or Laval. To do this, Caufield will have to sign a contract with Montreal.

Caufield was a disappointed one who attended his video conference. “I haven’t thought about that yet. Our season is just over. I’ll take a few days. The young right winger said,” At the moment, it’s hard to lose with this team.

His head coach, Tony Granato, has been the more talkative, and he appears to have dealt with the most productive striker of the past two seasons.

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Tony Granato, Wisconsin Badgers coach

“He will get a phone call from his agent and the Canadian very soon,” Granato said. Al-Kindy has seen him play this season, and so have scouts. They have a plan for him. I don’t know this plan, but I think it will make him come as quickly as possible. ”

This thinking might go too fast, as Cowfield will have to go into quarantine if he comes to Canada, whether it’s a 14-day quarantine or a comfortable 7-day quarantine that the NHL tries to negotiate on the trading players. For now, it has been confirmed that Caufield will hop on board with his teammates Friday night to return to Wisconsin.

Granato Praise

In nearly all of his answers, Caufield referred to a group of Badgers’ players, which he described as “very interconnected”. “It hurts. That’s all I have in mind. It’s not the best feeling,” said the young man.

Meanwhile, Granato showered praise on his disciples.

“Last year, he drove Big 10 For points, even though he was in the first row. This year he was developing his game. It’s hard to stay focused every night when you know the other team is targeting you. He found a way to do it this year, to lead by example. As coach, I asked him often. ”

Words lack words, I didn’t think I had to talk about maybe his last match with us today. we will see. He loves school, he loves being with his brother.

Tony Granato, Wisconsin Badgers coach

Caufield has already played the past two seasons with his older brother, Brooke who is also a striker, but is not talented at the offensive side. Brooke Caufield got another year of college eligibility.

However, it will be essential to know how Marc Bergevin assesses Cole’s ability to play in the NHL now. “It’s impossible to say until you see him with other players in the National League.” GM said last week, “But by improving his game without a disc, he can help us, not harm us.”

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Year after year, players who play live in the NHL when they leave the ranks of the league, at 19 or 20 (Caufield is 20), are somewhat rare. There was no last year due to the pandemic, but as of Spring 2019 there were only four: forward Ryan Bohling (for one match), plus defenders Quinn Hughes, Cal McCar and Dante Fabro.

Additionally, CH is well placed on the wing within its first three lines, with Brendan Gallagher, Josh Anderson, Tyler Toffoli, Tomas Tatar and Jonathan Drouin. However, Joel Jeremiah is not established.

However, let’s not forget that the Habs, who were already choking on under the salary cap, got Eric Staal on Friday. Sooner or later, Bergevin will have to find a way to get rid of his paycheck. The suite has the most leeway.


In the loss, Caufield scored two goals and an assist, although like his team, he wasn’t threatening even in the first 50 minutes.

The Badgers were overwhelmingly preferred in this duel, as League Season Champions Big 10. They have 10 players belonging to the NHL teams.

In the opposing camp, Bemidji State University has no players affiliated with the NHL and has not beaten Wisconsin in its history.

With a win on Saturday, Bemidji will advance to Frozen Four, the quadrangle in the tournament. In its 22 years in Division 1, Beavers have only reached this milestone once. The most famous NHL player this university has produced is the good Joel Otto, a player who spent his best years under Ronald Reagan.

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“It’s a great victory. We haven’t played in the tournament in 11 years.” Ethan Somoza, captain of the winning team, said, “We came here as underdogs and that victory means a lot to us.

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