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Nearly 1,000 young people on the first day of Fous de la science

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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The aim of the festival is to promote science among young people by making it stimulating and interesting.

Sensory experiences, ice cream preparation, demonstrations: the organizers of the various kiosks put everything in place so that young people can learn in the most stimulating way.

We encourage sports a lot, it’s cheerfulthere are a lot of young people who are interested in sports, but there are a lot of young people who are more intellectual, more skilled and interested in scienceconfirmed one of the participants who participated in the booths displayed on the site for young people.

The young people in attendance enjoyed their experience. I find it interesting to understand how the world is formed Share a little girl. Chemistry is really interestingBoy added.

The Crazy Science Festival takes place May 27-29.

Photo: Radio Canada/Ainhua Ibarola

The Fjord Museum hopes to spark new interest among young people, Director of Communications Lily Gilot explains.

We are the only museum in the region with a science theme. So, for us, it’s a way to reach a new audience that is not interested in the natural sciences. »

Quote from Lily Gilot, Director of Communications at the Fjord Museum

We’ll talk about geology, robotics, video games, and the evolution of science available in the software hereshe added.

The festival runs on Saturdays and Sundays for young people and their families who want to learn more about science.

Based on Kenza Shafiq’s report

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