Negotiations resume between ArcelorMittal and Steelworkers

If approved, a negotiated agreement would end the labor dispute affecting ArcelorMittal employees in Vermont, Fire Lake and Port-Cartier, who have been on an indefinite general strike since May 10.

The hearing will be supervised by a conciliator appointed by the Government of Quebec.

The issue of salaries, bonuses and pensions is at the heart of the dispute between the two parties.

United Steelworkers’ North Shore coordinator, Nicolas Lapierre, hopes an agreement can be reached with the employers.

Of course, you shouldn’t get carried away too fast. This is our second return to the table, the first not fruitful, but at the same time, we will appear there with all the diligence and cooperation possible to try to reach an agreement. This is our goalMr. Lapierre explains

Nicolas Lapierre in an interview with Radio Canada in front of Boulevard Laure Sept-Ile.

Nicholas Lapierre expects fruitful discussions during this return to negotiations (archive).

Photo: Radio Canada / Marc Antoine Mago

For its part, ArcelorMittal did not want to comment on returning to the negotiating table at the moment.

However, through a press release, the miner is repeating the consequences of prolonging the strike on the regional economy and Quebec’s economy as a whole.

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