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Netflix announces new animated series, Sonic Prime

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Netflix continues to announce new video game projects and we totally agree with the idea. After the success of The Witcher last year, we know Netflix can satisfactorily bring our favorite video game worlds into series form. This time, it was the little blue hedgehog taking center stage as Netflix confirms that it is working on an animated series in a doll.

(Image courtesy of Netflix)

Netflix seems to be in video game mode lately, as it’s constantly raining down ads for adaptation. We already know that a series Splinter CellAnd the vampire And even Tomb rider Work is in progress and now a new series featuring Sonic has been announced. The official Netflix Twitter account announced the news today. No information has been provided about the series, other than the fact that it will be animated in 3D (so it’s not another mod Live action de Sonic Like the 2020 movie) and they’ll have to wait at least another year for it to be released.

Leaked in December 2020

The announcement isn’t a complete surprise since a tweet was deleted shortly after it was posted in December It has already announced Sonic’s animated series for 2022. This post, which was supposed to be a mistake due to its almost instantaneous deletion, came before the announcement of the new Tomb Raider series it seems to be advancing in development. The leak that does no harm is reminiscent of today’s announcement that clearly delights many fans who have been surprised on Twitter.

Dominic Bazai, Director of Original Animation at Netflix, said in a press release:

Sonic is a very likable character and has a special place in everyone’s hearts including mine. I spent so many hours with this blue camouflage as a kid, and it is an honor to be able to bring this character everyone knows and loves on a brand new adventure on Netflix. An adventure that loyal fans as well as new fans will enjoy all over the world.

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