Netflix is ​​inspired by TikTok with a new For Laughs section

By opening the new tab, subscribers will be able to watch, record, or migrate comic sequences from the extensive catalog of California Corporation.

For laughter is only available for people who have an iPhone In some states. Netflix says it wants to test the tab soon on Android mobile devices.

Short video clips can be extracted from feature films (eg The murder mystery), An animated series (eg big mouth) Or actors’ performances (including Kevin Hart and Ali Wong), specify Netflix.

It goes without saying that not all excerpts are appropriate for all audiences., Determine the company.

This new feature is part of a series of similar products launched by video or social networking platforms, which seek to appeal to an audience fond of short and super-tempo videos, the model for which TikTok is known.

At the end of January, YouTube had 3.5 billion daily views of its short platform YouTube in India, as it is currently testing in beta.

Instagram has taken short video formats with Reels, which debuted last August.

In November, Snapchat launched Spotlight, which is a public feed of content produced by people who use the app.

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