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Netflix is ​​testing to limit password sharing

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US broadcasting giant Netflix, who has always been lenient about sharing passwords, may be about to change its location, several US media have reported.

This week, clients of the platform have already received a warning message to verify that the user lives in the same place as the account holder.

To make sure, Netflix offers to send you a code via email or text message. If not, the user is invited to register for free for 30 days.

“The purpose of this test is to ensure that people who use Netflix accounts are authorized to do so,” a company spokesperson said in a statement sent to several US media outlets, including the specialist website The Streamable, which first disclosed this information. Thursday.

According to a survey by Magid Consulting in February 2020, a third of users of streaming services like Netflix share their passwords with people they do not live with.

Netflix has long endured this practice, despite being officially banned under California corporation regulations.

At the end of 2020, the company solidified its # 1 position in paid video streaming to surpass 200 million users worldwide for the first time.

The number of users has increased sharply thanks to the pandemic and lockdowns.

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