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What do you watch on TV on Saturday?

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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Here are some suggestions for shows and movies to watch on French TV on Saturday, March 13th:

Two girls in the morning

Marie Claude Barrett and her guests are approaching the current pandemic from all angles, a year after it began. In addition to assessing the past 12 months, they are interested in what lies ahead and answer the questions we keep asking ourselves.

Saturday, 10:30 a.m. VAT.


This entertaining animated movie immerses movie fans of the prehistoric era, into the heart of a crowded family. Conveniently installed in a cave, parents and children have no choice but to go on an adventure when an earthquake crushes their shelter. Relentless journey.

Saturday, 6 pm, Télé-Quebec.

Live from the universe

What are the songs that stand out and continue to impress comedian Sam Breton? How do we define the world of music for the thirty youth? After singing to his friend Guy De Temple earlier this season, it was his turn to welcome France to Baudouin and her team.

Saturday, 7 pm, ICI-Canada Télé Radio.


The photographer is forced to take pictures of a small village in Nunavik for the benefit of the government, develop ties with some residents and realize that his work should change the quality of their lives and help mining companies. Docufiction wrote, shot and starred Robin Aubert.

Saturday, 8 pm, Unis TV.

Bad weather at El Royal Hotel

Mysterious strangers set foot in an abandoned residence. They all keep secrets, but they are aware of the place, too. The confrontation is expected to be bloody. Thriller from rich actors including Jeff Bridges, Dakota Johnson, and Chris Hemsworth.

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Saturday, 8:55 pm, new.

Hollywood Anatomy

Quadruple Superman Christopher Reeve died of cardiac arrest in 2004, when he was 52 years old. The American actor managed to make his place in Hollywood, but his fate abruptly ended. Forensic pathologist Michael Hunter wanted to know more about his death.

Saturday, 9 pm, Canal D.

Angels of regeneration

The spirits of the charitable show are back in service. This time, they want to help a mother of five who has had to move in with her mother with all of her children. In order to give him a fresh start, they built a spacious home that met his needs.

Saturday, 10 pm, CASA.

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